How to Install and Clean a Lynx Prosear2 Infrared Burner

There are two sizes of Lynx ProSear2 burners (Part 34115  used in 30, 42 and 54" grills and a shorter 33478 used in 27 and 36" grills). They are both mounted on the right side of the grill and sits on the rear burner support. 

To replace a prosear burner, you need to remove the warming rack and cooking grate. If you need additional space you can remove an adjacent brass burner as well as the cooking grate and briquette tray that sit above the burner. 

Grab the outer two sides of the burner. Pull back and up towards the rear of the grill. Then angle toward the left when the burner is out.  

When installing the new burner, locate the valve opening at the front of the firebox. It is crucial that the burner venturi and the orifice are properly lined up. Slide the igniter under the burner screen. Be sure the center bar that runs horizontal on the burner needs is in front of the metal support bracket that holds the burner. Pull the burner toward the front control panel and it will lock in place. Make any necessary adjustments to the igniter (under the burner screen). 

Place the burner on the rear burner support as shown.

To Clean your ProSear Burner

When done cooking on the pro sear, leave on high for an additional 5 minutes. This will vaprize any left over juices, sauces, marinades, etc. Once the grill is completely cool, remove the screen off the burner, lightly brush the screen with a soft bristle paint brush. 

Vacuum any remaining debris.

If you do not clean the prosear burner on a regular basis, it may cause the ceramic ports to clog and crack. 

Be sure that there are no sauces or marinades left on the metal part of the pro sear. These acids will break down the metal prematurely. 

The Pro Sear 2 burners follow the same procedure above. Do not scrub the screen. This will cause the screen to tear as well as cause damage to the burner. On the metal portions of the burner, wipe down any sauce or marinades. 

by Tracy Hollander on 15th Apr 2017
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