How to Troubleshoot a Sedona by Lynx Ignition

Sedona by Lynx L600 Built-in Grill

My Sedona Grill will not light. 

How do I troubleshoot?

Grilling Season is approaching fast and one of the most widely grill parts to fail is the ignition. 

Do you need to replace every component? NO 

This is why we will give you tips and instructions on How to Troubleshoot the Ignition on a Lynx Sedona Grill. 

These tips can be used for all Models - L400 (24" - 2 Burner Grill), L500 (30" - 2 Burner Grill), L600 (36" - 3 Burner Grill) and L700 (42" - 3 Burner Grill). These models can come with or without rotisserie backburner as well as with all Stainless U Burners with Briquette Trays or a combination of U Burners and One Prosear.

These tips will help you narrow down the exact part that has failed. Nothing can be more frustrating that purchasing a new repair part, you spend the time to install it and your issue still exists. 

In addition, we do not want want you to spend the money on all 6 replacement parts when you may only have needed to purchase 1?

There are 6 components that make up the ignition system in a Sedona by Lynx :

Sedona by Lynx Ignition Components

1. Transformer - 33525

2. Power Harness - 80648

3. Microswitches - 32845

4. Electrodes - Kits vary by grill model and the electrodes have different wire lengths

5. Battery Holder - 31879

6. Spark Generator - 31161 or 31162

We will go into how this ignition operates first. The Sedona uses 110 volt electrical power to ignite the grill but it has a unique feature of a battery back up in the event of a power failure. 

The Transformer is a black box that on one end will get plugged into an electrical outlet while the other cord will be plugged into the power harness. There are micro-switches that are screwed on to the top of the valves. When the knob is pressed a metal prong on the microswitch gets pushed in and activates the ignition and causes the electrodes to spark. (If you should lose power, there is a 9 volt battery holder that will ignite the grill).

Here are the steps we perform when troubleshooting this ignition : 

It is a good idea to remove the cooking grates and briquette trays from the grill to see the electrode. If you have a prosear burner installed, you can see an electrode without having to pullout any parts.

1. Do the interior halogen light and control knob LED lights illuminate? 

Sedona Light Switch

First step is to press your light switch.. See if the control knobs or internal halogen light comes on. This is the easiest step as you do not have to take any part of the grill apart.

If yes, the transformer and electrical outlet is working properly. The transformer is responsible for the operation of all items in the grill that require power - interior light, control knob light and ignition.  

If no, test the electrical outlet. If there is power to the outlet, then the transformer could be bad and may need to be replaced. The transformer is the same part used on all Sedona Models.

2. Is there a 9 volt battery in the holder? 

Sedona Grill Transformer and Battery Holder

Many people do not realize that there is a battery back-up on this grill. It happens to be one of our favorite features as this is unique to Sedona. I have not seen another grill that features this fail proof ignition system on it. It's great for us in South Florida as if we should experience a power outage (or anyone for that matter) ... the ignition will still operate!

You will find the battery holder near the transformer in mounting bracket. You can use your nail to pull the tray forward to insert or replace the battery.

If there is a working battery in the holder, do you hear (or see) a rapid spark from the electrodes? 

If yes, the spark generator, electrodes and micro-switches are functioning properly. And your issue is most likely the transformer and then the power harness.

If no, then we need to further troubleshoot what part is not functioning.

3. Do you see a spark from any of the electrodes? 

If Yes, then we suggest removing the control panel (see #4) so that you can see the valves and microswitches. 

Sedona Grill Valve MicroSwitch

Remove an electrode from a microswitch that is sparking and install it on the microswitch where the electrode does not have a spark. If you see a spark coming from the electrode, the microswitch on the valve will need to be replaced.

You can read how to replace the microswitch on a Lynx Grill. It is the same for the Sedona. The main difference will be removing the control panel on the Sedona.

If no, are the electrodes intact? Do the wires look good? Try taking a flat head screw driver and place next to the metal probe off the electrode. Press the control knob and see if you see a spark coming off the screw driver. If you still do not see a spark, then you can replace that single electrode.

You can replace all electrodes with an electrode kit (that varies per grill model) or replace the individual electrodes with parts 31254, 31255 or 31807. 

The electrodes can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol to be sure that they are free from grease. This will help the insure better contact with the burner to make a spark.

If the electrodes look like they are in tact and there is no spark, the spark generator may have failed. Depending on the grill model, you may need a 2 spark or 4 spark module.

If the spark generator may not be functioning and needs replacing.. Read how to replace the spark generator in the Sedona Grill

4. Removing the Control Panel

Sedona Control Panel Removal Screw Location

If you need to access the microswitches, you will have to have access to the valves. 

To do this, you will need to remove the control panel face. Pull the drip tray forward. Remove the screws on the left and right  side bottom of the control panel. Pull the face plate up and forward and rest on the on the drip tray (as there are the LED wires connected across the knobs as well as the electrode wires to the spark generator). You to have this access to replace the microswitches, spark generator, electrodes and power harness.

5. Can you light the Grill Manually?

If yes, then we know its one of the ignition components above.

If no, there is a gas flow issue (regulator, tank shut down, etc.) We will save that troubleshooting for another post.

If you do not know you grill model, Here is a PDF breakdown of the Sedona Grill and parts - Sedona Parts Schematic

As Lynx and Sedona Repair Experts, we are always here to assist in finding parts or troubleshooting the Grill. 

We hope that you find this information useful. If there is something we missed or you have a suggestion on how we can improve the delivery of this information, please let us know. We are always looking to improve. You can Contact us by clicking the link! 

If you should need assistance troubleshooting a different manufacturers ignition system, we are here to help on most any grill brand

by Tracy Hollander on 2nd May 2019
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