32845- Lynx, Sedona Micro switch for main igniter

SKU: 59632845

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This micro switch connects to the valve. Screws sold separately part 34197

Sold Individually


Fits Lynx : L27, L30, L36, L42, L54


Fits Sedona : L400 (24"), L500 (30"), L600 (36"), L700 (42")


May fit other models.

How to replace the micro switch on a Lynx Grill


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

Ask The Experts


  1. Good eating

    Ordered and received the switch promptly.
    Back to great outdoor cooking.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 23rd Jul 2023

  2. Lynx Sedona igniter micro switch

    Worked perfectly, took minutes to replace, easy fix!
    Bbqdepot is a great source for your bbq grill needs.

    Verified Customer Bob Fiacco - 4th Sep 2022

  3. What I needed

    This was exactly the part I needed. Easy to install. Reviewed YouTube video that made it easier. Best price and delivery. Would definitely order again if additional non warranty parts are needed.

    Verified Customer ericotchet@gmail.com - 14th Jun 2022

  4. The right part for the repair (L30R)

    Was confident the micro switches had gone bad but was using a log lighter to light the grill. Finally decided to fix properly. It took 30 minutes to replace three of these. YouTube videos very helpful. Annoyed that such cheap parts are used in such an expensive grill. A very small Phillips head screw driver (think eyeglass repair) will be helpful.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 9th May 2022

  5. Works perfectly.

    These micro switches are a weak link in my Lynx grill. I have replaced them twice. But BBQ Depot makes it easy and quick to get parts! Pretty easy bolt off old then bolt on new switch. Spray the electrical connectors with electronics cleaner and lube with dielectric grease if you want a proper job. Might want to order the screws if yours are corroded or get lost. 2 screws per switch. Grease the screws before putting in.

    Verified Customer CK - 5th Mar 2022

  6. Good product. Easy to install.

    My 10 year old Lynx grill was starting to have burner burn-through in addition to difficulty igniting. In addition to changing out the burners, I also change the igniter electrodes all out. And since one micro-switch had failed earlier I decided to replace them all. Between the new igniters and the micro-switches that all works as good as new again! (minor disappointment that the microswitches did not come with the 2 new brass screws)

    Verified Customer Gary Koegeboeh - 17th Jun 2021

  7. Fixed the problem

    Worked perfectly. Buy a set of screws to replace the switch. Glad I did.

    Verified Customer Steven Diener - 20th Mar 2021

  8. KUDOS to BBQ!

    How do you rate a microswitch, other than not 's a perfect fit and it works?

    I am just grateful to The BBQ DEPOT for having it available and in my hands in a couple days!

    Verified Customer Maurice - 4th Feb 2021

  9. worked great

    works great, easy fix

    Verified Customer Unknown - 24th Feb 2020

  10. Worked

    Did the job. Replaced three. Need to make sure the switch is also working.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 4th Sep 2018

  11. Lynx micro switches worked perfectly

    I ordered these replacement switches with help from their
    technical department to insure I had the right ones.
    The size was perfect but they had one extra electrical terminal than the original. They talked me through which terminals to use.

    They are extremely helpful with no wait time if you call in. They are far easier to deal with than Lynx and costs are comparable if not better.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 10th Dec 2017

  12. Solved the problem!

    Not sure how to rate this 5 stars, it is a simple switch and does what it is supposed to do! If it was an extraordinary switch then maybe 5?
    The thing that makes this so good is more a credit to the BBQ Depot and the fact that they make the part available and easy to order.

    Verified Customer Rick - 3rd Dec 2017

  13. L700 42"

    Worked great

    Verified Customer Eric C Jacobson - 30th Sep 2017

  14. Exactly what I needed

    Great product - easy to replace

    Verified Customer Unknown - 21st Jun 2017

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