In Grilling Color: Alfresco Style

When the weather's warm and inviting, you want to live outdoors. Creating an outdoor kitchen can turn your backyard into the haven you've always longed for. Whether you'd rather be the party hub for your whole neighborhood or you just want to enjoy outside meals with family, Alfresco can serve as the heart of the most welcoming backyard you've ever imagined.

Elevate Your Outdoor Kitchen with Alfresco Colors

The psychology of color in outdoor spaces has been shown to play a role in our moods and behaviors.

Gone are the days of settling for standard stainless steel finishes. It's time to think outside the box and explore unique colors that will make a statement and ransform your Alfresco outdoor cooking experience.

Picture yourself hosting a summer barbecue with a striking red grill as the focal point, or consider a sleek cobalt blue finish to add an unexpected burst of color. These grills not only enhance the visual appeal but also embody the latest design trends. For those seeking a more minimalistic aesthetic, a grill in Signal White, Signal Gray, or Jet Black will set your outdoor kitchen apart. To create a contemporary outdoor space with a touch of elegance, a stainless steel grill may be the ideal choice. Its timeless and sophisticated appearance effortlessly harmonizes with any setting.

With increasing desire of homeowners to personalize their outdoor spaces, the popularity of unique grill finishes has soared. Incorporating vibrant colors into your backyard oasis not only keeps you ahead of the curve but also sets you apart from traditional outdoor design norms. 

Don't settle for the ordinary; strive for the extraordinary. Let your creativity flow and transform your cooking area into a space that truly reflects your bold and unique personality. Be ready to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your outdoor space.

Choose from the boldness of Traffic Yellow, Carmine Red, Raspberry Red or Luminous Orange, or compliment your pool by choosing from the cool color palate of Blue Lilac, Light Green or Ultramarine Blue. 

You can even create a customized color to heighten the uniqueness of your outdoor kitchen. 

What color will you choose?

NOTE: All Alfresco color products are “Special Order” with a lead time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Alfresco Grills: Made in The USA

Alfresco grills empower you to master the art of grilling, whether you're cooking burgers or preparing gourmet meals. Find the perfect grill that matches your patio space and family size, complete with exclusive accessories and features. Elevate your grilling experience with Alfresco, your go-to brand for superior performance and versatility. Shop now and enhance your outdoor cooking adventures!

Alfresco sets itself apart as the ultimate grill, delivering an all-encompassing chef's kitchen experience. Explore an array of cooking options with their diverse selection of accessories, including a griddle, steamer/fryer cooker, solid fuel insert, and roasting pod. Effortlessly grill, deep-fry, steam, bake, boil, smoke, roast, sear, teppanyaki or rotisserie  - the ultimate culinary companion.

The compact two-burner 30" ALXE luxury grill is an unsung hero, despite its size. Don't be fooled, it packs an impressive punch with heat capabilities that rival its larger counterparts. Ideal for small families, it offers an intense cooking experience that's hard to come by. 

For medium-sized families, the 36" ALXE grill is tried and true. With three burners and 660 sq. in. of cooking space, it's no wonder why it's the most popular size. It gets even better with the optional sear zone, perfect for those who want to elevate their grilling game.

For larger families and backyards, you may want to consider Alfresco's ALXE-42, which is packed with power and personalized features without taking up too much space. 

Next up is the ALXE-56, a massive 56" grill with 770 square inches (same as the 42") of grilling area plus integrated dual-size burners so you can keep an eye on that pot of chili while you grill.

The ALXE-56BFG is the ultimate grilling machine that boasts a whopping 998 square inches of cooking space. It's a true standout in both power and size, offering the luxury and versatility to feed your entire extended family and neighborhood. This massive grill has three main burners and a sear burner delivering the perfect blend of power and performance, making it the go-to choice for any grilling enthusiast.

Whatever the size of grill, you'll enjoy high-performance burners and an integrated rotisserie system for cooking whole cuts of meat. An integrated smoking system lets you add flavorful wood chunks to your cooking for that irresistible smoky touch. Meats and veggies become perfection thanks to the infrared Sear Zone burners that are included or optional with these grills, and you can opt to have your grills built-in or placed on a cart for flexibility in your yard.

Choose an ALXE today to make sure you get the most out of your summer cooking experience!

Specialty Cooking Appliances 

Transform your outdoor kitchen into the ultimate oasis by going beyond just a grill. Elevate your experience with the perfect additions that cater to your desires. Whether it's a fridge and ice maker for convenience or a pizza oven to take your outdoor space to new heights, Alfresco offers an array of exceptional specialty cooking appliances. Indulge in the luxury of creating an ultimate outdoor retreat.

Side Burners

Alfresc Side Burner

With a side burner, you can bring all your cooking outdoors. No more racing back inside to stir a sauce or boil corn on the cob. You can sauté, boil and simmer with ease, whipping up that amazing sauce while you grill your steaks, multitasking to your heart's content. Alfresco high-performance side burners come built-in or as added mounts to your grilling cart, and of course you can choose between natural gas and LP. Even heating gives you the precise control you're looking for, while recessed top design and stainless steel covers help you protect your food against the elements.

Versa Power Burner

Alfresco Versa Burner

Alfresco Grills' powerful Versa Power burner delivers outstanding power with a total heat range of up to 65,000 BTUs. Simmer delicate sauces at a low 400 BTU while the Center burner adjusts from 400 to 20,000 BTU and the Outer burner adjusts from 5,000 to 45,000 BTU. Both burners together yield an unprecedented 65,000 BTUs. 

Serve breakfast, homemade tortillas or teppanyaki to your whole party with the optional teppanyaki griddle. You can even pop out the central ring and add a true round-bottomed wok to dazzle your guests. Other options include a pot filler or a true faucet, which you can use to cook with stock pots of up to 25 gallons.

Pizza Oven

Impress your guests by cooking with a pizza oven! The Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus is a high-performance oven with a thick ceramic slab hearth and ceiling that ensures intense heat. From Neapolitan-style pizza in just 3 minutes to roasting and baking, this backyard oven delivers it all. With fast preheating and convenient glass doors for monitoring, it's safe and easy to use. Upgrade your grilling experience with this versatile and efficient pizza oven.

Dual-Zone Griddle

Expand your culinary offerings with the Alfresco Dual Zone Griddle. Because not every food cooks perfectly on a grill. Do you do if you want to cook pancakes, fajitas or hash browns outside (and don't even get started on the idea of grilling eggs!)? Clearly you need a griddle — and Alfresco Grills provides an outstanding restaurant-quality griddle for your enjoyment. Precise, even heating across the entire cooking surface gives you professional control and power on this amply sized 30-inch griddle.

Alfresco Grills provides plenty of additional options to let you cook your favorites. The deep fryer delivers the onion rings of your dreams, while also letting you steam lobster or shellfish or even cook pasta. Opt for the indirect roasting pod that lets you slow-cook large cuts of meat complete with the ability to infuse smoke and herbs for indescribable flavor. And solid fuel inserts let you add real wood to your grilling for the authentic wood flavor you can't get any other way.

Keeping It Cool: Refrigeration and Bar Options

Those sizzling ribs hot off the grill aren't going to be enough to keep your family and guests happy. You also need to chill them down with the icy cold beverage of your choice. Don't worry — Alfresco has you covered there as well.

Whether you choose a single-door refrigerator as a built-in to your outdoor kitchen or you opt for a self-contained fridge that rests conveniently under your grill, these refrigeration systems can stand up to any weather. Even when the temperatures reach a wilting 120 °F, you can count your refrigerators to hold steady at a brisk 37 °F or lower.

If you choose a 7.25 cubic foot under-grill refrigerator, you'll enjoy restaurant-quality design with dual drawers ideally set up for marinating and food pans that lift right out. And you can get the party started with a one-door fridge that converts neatly into a Keggerator, thanks to the proprietary dispensing tower that slots right into the back of the unit. Your beer-dispensing kit comes with a CO2 tank, beer lines and hardware all ready to go, and a faucet to dispense icy goodness whenever it's time for a cold one.

Plenty of Storage (and More)

Once you've settled in for the day on your patio or deck, you want to stay put. Having functional storage as part of your outdoor kitchen makes that possible. Once again, Alfresco steps up by providing a wide selection of drawers, doors, dry storage and trash bins that you can combine creatively in any way that suits your needs and sense of style.

Choose from soft-closing drawers or a combo door/drawer unit so you have whatever you need close at hand. In-door bins let you grab condiments and spices quickly, and dedicated drawers for trash and propane tanks keep your entire outdoor space neat and organized. If you have to contend with pests or weather in your area, Alfresco's sealed pantry options keep your dry goods and grilling tools safe, with integrated gutters that divert water away and three sizes to choose from.

Elevate your professional presentation with a plating and garnish center that offers ample workspace, plate storage, and a spacious cutting board. Streamline your preparation time when catering to large crowds by incorporating hand sinks, towel dispensers, and cutting boards that effortlessly slide away to reveal convenient trash chutes. Take it up a notch with a full-sized beverage center or bar package, complete with bottle rails for quick access to your favorite drinks while keeping them refreshingly cold. Maximize counter space with an under-the-counter ice drawer that can hold up to 32 pounds of ice, ensuring unforgettable parties that will be the talk of the town.

Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

These Made in the USA grills are just the start to creating an outdoor kitchen and there's no better way to bring excitement and flavor to your outdoor kitchen than with one of these powerful grills — with a dash of color to liven up your backyard. Check out what Alfresco Grills can bring to your summer, and contact us today so we can you help select the perfect color and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

If you already own an Alfresco Grill that is in need of a little tender loving care (TLC), look no further! We stock high-quality OEM and aftermarket replacement parts to ensure your grill gets back to its magnificent grilling glory. Whether it's a burner, briquette tray, igniter, or any other component, we've got you covered. 

by Tracy Hollander on 30th Jun 2023
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