Experience the ultimate grilling adventure with Alfresco's premium outdoor equipments, proudly crafted in the USA. ALXE grills comprise of high-quality components commonly found in commercial kitchens, granting homeowners the luxury of restaurant-grade grilling with ease at their backyard.

The Alfresco ALXE is a masterpiece in grilling technology. It is not only the best on the market but is also the easiest to maintain and repair, which we can testify to, having been repairing grills for over 30 years!

Features & Advantages:

  • Wide range of sizes (30”, 36”, 52” and 56”) suitable for any backyard 
  • Can be configured with all stainless U burners or a combination of U burners with an infrared sear zone.
  • Commercial Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Expert Engineering
  • Can be Built-in or on a Freestanding Cart 
  • One of the Easiest Grills to Maintain

What’s under the hood:

  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Refractive, 5-way heat-distributing ceramic briquettes
  • Independent low BTU smoker burner with drawer for wood chips or herbs
  • Fully integrated, 120-lb. Torque mega rotisserie motor
  • Exclusive control panel design keeps the panel cool 
  • Integrated wood smoker & herb infusion system
  • Hood assist for easy open/close 
  • High-intensity halogen work lights


Why should I buy an Alfresco grill?

From its exceptional performance to a suite of features that enhance your grilling game, this top-tier brand elevates your grilling to the next level. ALXE grills range in size from 30 to 56 inches, with a number of luxury features to elevate your grilling experience. They were the first to engineer an integrated rotisserie motor eliminating the need to store an exterior motor and are one of the only manufacturers that offer an independent smoker burner and tray to infuce additional flavor in your food. Together all of this adds up to one of the best grills available in the market.

Four Sizes - Perfect for every family and backyard. The 30" grill features 2 main burners, while the 36" and 42" grills house 3 main burners. For more elaborate outdoor kitchens, the 56" grill flaunts all 4 main burners, or 3 main burners with an integrated double side burner. All models include a smoker burner and rotisserie, making them the ultimate outdoor cooking appliances.

Alfresco grills are designed for all-in-one use. They are one of the only manufacturers to offer 15 different cooking methods that turns your grill into an ultimate outdoor cooking center.

These grills are built and designed to last decades, allowing you to enjoy backyard family grilling gatherings for years to come. They have a lifetime warranty on many parts and are easily replaceable.  Click here for a troubleshooting and part replacement guide for Alfresco ALX2 grills with battery ignition.

How does Alfresco Compare to Other Brands?

Alfresco is usually compared to Lynx or Twin Eagles since they are considered the top premium outdoor appliance brands in the US. Ironically, Alfresco's founders were the creators of Lynx, and have since forged ahead with innovation and advanced technology. With an incredible selection of grills and components, Alfresco enhances their top-notch luxury grills to produce authentic commercial-grade outdoor kitchens. 

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Why Shop from the BBQ Depot?

We have been an authorized Alfresco dealer AND service dealer for over 15 years!

Purchasing from an authorized service dealer means if you need troubleshooting assistance, we are here. Not many "Retail Dealers" know how to help walk you through an issue.

We operate not only virtually, but from a brick and mortar showroom that has been in the same Hollywood, FL location since 1956. We also repair grills so, if you are in need of troubleshooting or replacement parts, we do not leave you find figure out what is wrong with your grill on your own.

We are the longest operating one stop grill shop in the nation. We are called upon by leading manufacturers who are in need of the expertise of our technicians to assist them in field repairs. Come to the experts!

Outdoor dining is an art form. Here are a few of our expert tips to get the most out of your Alfresco grill and elevate your outdoor cooking experience to the next level.

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