Lynx Grill Parts - Under the Hood and Behind the Control Panel

Here we will break down the parts (or anatomy) of your Lynx Grill. Having an understanding of your grill will help you get the most out of your appliance.

Lynx Professional Grills have a longstanding reputation as one of the leaders in the luxury outdoor cooking market. The current lineup come in 5 sizes : 27" (2 Burners), 30" (2 Burners), 36" (3 Burners), 42" (3 Burners) and 54" (4 Burners)

The Premier Grills also included a 48" Grill that is no longer manufactured, though parts are readily available.

All grill come with a rotisserie back burner. 

Under the Hood :

Lynx Grill Parts

The Lynx grill is very simple, under the hood, you will have stainless rod cooking grates, underneath the grates are the ceramic briquettes and trays and below the trays will either be Cast Brass (in older grills), Cast Ceramic or Prosear Burner. Cast Brass Burners produce traditional blue flames while the prosear is a high intensity searing burner. 

Above the cooking grates is your warming rack. The newer grills will have a Prosear2 Burner which has an "H" shape, while older grills will have a rectangular shape prosear burner and a rotisserie backburner (if you have the 27" model with this option). 

You will also find your igniter electrodes. These will either be ceramic electrodes or hot surface glo plugs (depending on the series of your grill). New Lynx grills use the hot surface glo pug ignition system as these glow an orangy red when they are lit (see picture below). The electrodes are housed in a thick stainless collector box that is mounted at the front of the firebox. Each burner has its own electrode. The electrodes for the main burnr are longer than the electrode for the prosear burner (if you have one). 

In fact, J & K series grills must be upgraded to this system as the glow coil electrodes are discontinued. 

Each knob lights the grill. Simply push in the knob and turn to the left until the grill is lit then set to your desired temperature.

Lyng Hot Surface Electrode         Lynx Hot Surface Glow Plug Igniter Lit

The grill is also equipped with a spring loaded hood assist which makes lifting a breeze (see image below). The springs are located on the left and right hand side of the grill hood.

Lynx Hood Spring Assist

The grill is very user friendly under the hood. it is behind the control panel where the if becomes a little more cumbersome as this is where alot of the electrical components reside.

We will discuss the control and and what lies behind.

Lynx Grill Control Panel

The control panel is the part of the grill where you will find your light switch and your knobs. Under the control panel is your drip tray. (Note : if you remove your drip tray and turn it upside down, you will find an information sticker that contains your model and serial number. These are very important when determining any repair parts you may need). 

The left small button is the light switch that will turn on the internal lights as well as the blue LED behind the knobs.

The left control knob is the rotisserie knob and the remaining knobs are the internal burners. When lighting this grill simply hold in the knob and turn to the left. Once the burner is lit you can adjust the temperature. 

Lynx Grill Behind the Control Panel

Behind the control panel you will find another location that has your model and serial number. Take note of this and be sure to keep it in a safe spot. Again, these are essential in determining replacement parts. 

In order to access your control panel, you will need to remove the drip tray as well as the control knobs. Under the panel are two tabs you will need to pull towards each other to remove the face plate. Behind the control panel you will find a lot of electrical components (power & LED harness) , valves (with micro switches on top) and manifold. 

Lynx Grill LED Wiring Harness

Be careful when removing the face plate of the control panel as the LED light harness is plugged into the back of the face plate (see picture above). This is the wiring harness and bulbs that pride the blue lights above the knobs.

The power harnesses will have wires that plug into the micro switch on top of the valve and plug into the transformer. This powers your ignition. The harness will plug into a transformer that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet.

You will also see a long wire with a clip that is attached to the drip tray. The clip is to attach a match and manually light the grill.

Lynx Manual lighting clip

All in all the Lynx grill is a easy grill to operate. When locating parts it is essential to have your serial and model number. Model numbers stay the same while part may get upgraded from design changes. 

The BBQ Depot is authorized Lynx re-seller and service provider. Therefore, we sell all components and parts to the Lynx Grill.

by Tracy Hollander on 26th Sep 2017
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