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Lynx Grill Replacement Ignition Parts including spark generators, glo plugs, electrodes, wires and more. New Lynx grill utilize a glow plug igniter electrodes powered by a transformer that plugs into a 110v wall outlet.

Original Lynx grills used a piezo (push button) on their grills. This was fairly reliable, you knew it was working simply if you heard it click. They replaced the piezo igniter with the rotary ignition. Whereby you turned a knob to light the grill.

The rotary ignition was replaced by the battery spark module. Lynx has discontinued many ignition repair parts forcing grill owners in series J, K to upgrade to their latest ignition system technology - the glo-plug hot surface igniter system. All grills earlier than J can use the original style igniters.

Lynx Grill Igniter Repair Guide

Replacing Ignition Batteries in your Lynx Grill :

In the Premier Series grills that used battery operated spark generators, the battery is located behind the logo plate. You simply pull the logo plate out and change your battery.(see diagram and picture below)

lynx-premier-ignition-battery-replacement.jpg lynx-battery.jpg

In the Professional Series Grills, the battery is located on the sides of the control panel. Your grill may only have a battery cover on one side if only one spark generator was used. Some grills have two spark generators so, there will be battery covers on both sides of the control panel. To change the batteries, remove the battery cover and replace with new. (see diagram below)


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