Lynx Grill Serial and Model Number Location

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering a replacement part and it doesn't fit. To save this frustration, we always say take a little time to gather the information you need to determine what parts you need so they are ordered correctly  the first time.

With Lynx (and many grills) the model number is just not enough. Knowing your model and serial number is essential for determining many of the replacement parts you may need. 

Model numbers have remained constant since the prefix LBQ changed to the L (since 2002) but many parts have changed, especially ignition.

When design upgrades and changes happen over the years, as do some of the parts. Just because you have located the a part with your model, this does NOT mean it will fit your grill. You have to be sure the correct Series is located in the product description. 

Many parts in Lynx have changed over the years including (but not limited to) Prosear burnersignitionwarming racksand more.

In order to know what parts are in your grill, having both the model and serial number are important. 

** The Series is the 3rd Character in your Serial Number. Read below on how to find it. **

There are four locations where you can locate your Lynx Serial number.

1. Your Grill Manual - On the back page of the manual is your information sticker. Your SERIES is the third character in the serial number. In the image below, the series is "Q"

Lynx Grill Manual

2. The Inspection sheet (provided with your grill paperwork)

There is an information sticker that is placed on the inspection sheet

3. Under the drip (grease) tray - Simply pull the tray forward and look underneath. It is in the center front just below the handle. If you cannot see it you can pull out the tray and turn over. Be sure to wipe any water or grease accumulation BEFORE turning tray over.

Lynx Drip Tray Serial Number Location

4. Behind the control panel - In order to access your control panel, you will need to remove the drip tray as well as the control knobs. Under the panel, on the left and right are two tabs (or screws depending on how old the grill is). If you have tabs you will need to pull towards each other to remove the face plate. If you have screws, those will need to be removed. Lift the panel up and out and you will see the information sticker.

Lynx Control Panel Serial Number Location

Here is a video to help you locate the serial number behind the control panel

Once you have located your model and serial number, you can locate your Lynx Parts Schematics by Series letter. 

NOTE : If you purchased your Lynx Grill in Great Britain or Germany and your serial number starts with a letter C, you have a California Grill by Lynx

If you would like any assistance from the Lynx part experts at The BBQ Depot, call us at 877-983-0451 and we can assist you.

by Tracy Hollander on 8th Jun 2018
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