Time to replace parts on your grill?

If you properly care for your grill, it can last for decades.

Imagine your grill like a car – it is an investment that you expect to last for a while. However, for your car to last, you occasionally need to replace parts that have become worn or faulty. You may need new tires, brake pads, or a new transmission, but each replacement increases the longevity of your car by a few years.

Grills are the same way. You may need a replacement part along the way, but you may not need to purchase a brand-new grill. This article will help you better determine when that time has come.

Replacing Your Burners

Burners are one of the most frequently replaced part of a gas grill (second to the heat distribution system ie; heat plates, briquette trays, etc). If you do not maintain your grill well, burners can quickly become clogged. Once clogged, your burners will not work as designed.

You may think it is time for a new grill, when in fact, you can replace burners for less than $50.

You should also replace burners if you notice rust or corrosion, as these can pose a health risk. Before purchasing replacement parts, you should check the warranty on your grill to see if new burners are covered.

Replacing Your Fuel Hose

A replacement hose or fuel regulator may be necessary if your existing hose is leaking. To test for leaks, mix dish detergent with water in a spray bottle. This formula can then be sprayed over any connections and the hose. Turn on the gas supply – if you see bubbles anywhere, then you will need a replacement hose.

Replacing Hardware On Your Grill

You may need to replace certain parts on the exterior of your grill, especially if you leave your grill outside and frequently expose it to the elements. You can purchase new handles, hoods, and heat indicators.

If your grill has begun to rust or is noticeably worn, you can make your grill shine like new again by replacing parts of the hardware. Doing so will make it seem you have a brand, shiny new grill for a fraction of the cost.

To 'Always' Consider Replacing

If possible, you should always consider replacing a part before purchasing a new grill. There are parts for practically every part of your grill. Not only are replacement parts cheaper, but they allow you to maintain the comfort and feel of the grill you currently love. Run maintenance tests each year before heavy grilling, and identify problem areas that need fixing or replacing.

We carry repair parts for most brands in the market. You can easily find replacement parts for your grill by choosing your brand or by part type.

If you should need any assistance with determining the proper part for your grill, contact us at info@thebbqdepot.com or 877-983-0451.

by Tracy Hollander on 1st Aug 2017
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