Top Built-in Gas Grills for 2019

Top Built-in Gas Grills of 2019

Outdoor Kitchens are great for entertaining or dining outdoors but they also add value to your home! Choosing the appliances you want in your outdoor kitchen should be your first step. This is because your outdoor kitchen should be built around your grill not the other way around! 

The grill is the centerpiece and heartbeat of your outdoor cooking experience. 

We have composed a list of the best built-in grills (from luxury to budget friendly) for 2019. There is a grill for everyone on this list. 

The grills we list are evaluated on our decades of experience servicing and selling grills making The BBQ Depot the experts in our industry. We have carried almost every brand. There are many brands we choose not to carry. We are very particular on manufacturers we sell. We evaluate grills solely based on quality and durability, how well it holds up in South Florida, how often we have to service the product as well as popularity.

We are available for any and all questions regarding the best product for your budget!

When choosing a grill, be sure your grill offers quality, performance and a great manufacturer behind the product. The market is flooded with many "private labeled" imported grills. We always have a buyer beware on these grills as the stability of the brand and availability of parts may not be readily available. Nothing worse than planning a BBQ and not having parts for your grill.

These grills on our list have a longstanding footprint in manufacturing outdoor appliances as well as they offer exceptional warranties back by US manufacturers and are are built to last!

1. Twin Eagles TEBQ30G

           Twin Eagles TEBQ30 Built-in Grill 

The Twin Eagles TEBQ30G is a 30" two burner commercial quality grill manufactured by award wining engineer Dante Cantel. Top of the line in the luxury class, its beautiful sleek design will compliment every decor. The TEBQ30G does not have a rotisserie backburner though it is offered in the TEBQ30R. You can also choose an infrared sear burner in this grill TEBQ30RS

Why choose Twin Eagles? If you are looking to have the ultimate in luxury with every outdoor appliance you can think of ... Twin Eagles is Brand for you! They have everything from griddles and side burners to refrigeration.

There are three other models in their line up 36", 42" and 54".

Why we love this Grill :

  • Made in the USA
  • Hexagonal Cooking grates - offers more meat to surface contact
  • 25,000 BTU's per burner
  • Available with or without Integrated Rotisserie (on models that end with R)
  • Blue Back-lit lights
  • Zone Grilling

2. Sedona by Lynx L600

Sedona by Lynx L600 Grill

The Best "Bang for your Buck" for a US manufactured Grill is the Sedona by Lynx. They are manufactured by the legendary Lynx Professional Grills. The Sedona is their budget friendly line back by a longstanding company. The L600 does not have a rotisserie backburner but the L600R does.

The L600 is a 36" grill that features three stainless steel U burners. You have the option of choosing one Prosear (installed on the right side of the grill) at no additional charge with the L600PS model. The Sedona offers many budget friendly complimentary products including : refrigerator, side burners, sink and storage. 

There are two other models in the Sedona lineup " L500 (30") and L700 (42")

This grill has a very similar look as its parent, without the price.

Why we love this Grill :

  • Mix and Match Lynx and Sedona Outdoor Appliances
  • Electric Ignition with a 9 volt battery backup
  • 23,000 BTU's per Burner
  • Lifetime warranty on many parts
  • Owned by the same company as Viking Professional

3. Lynx L27R

  Lynx 27R Built-in Grill

Lynx Professional Grills has decades of manufacturing luxury outdoor appliances. Over the years, the design of the grill has remained pretty constant while some of the technology has changed (including ignition). The Lynx models consist of five models (sizes) 27", 30", 36", 42" and 54". These grills truly last a lifetime (we still repair original LBQ Grills from the late 90's). 

The 27" Grill features two Cast Ceramic Burners (lifetime warranty) which is a first in the industry. These were upgraded in 2018 from their legendary cast brass burner. The range of outdoor appliances you can add to your kitchen is limitless! This product line is a must for the outdoor entertainer.

Why we love this Grill :

  • Cast Ceramic Burner
  • Trident Sear Burner that offers wide temperature ranges
  • 25,000 BTUs on the Ceramic Burner and 23,000 BTUs on the Trident
  • First to offer true Commercial Quality Cooking to the outdoors
  • Owned by the same company as Viking Professional

4. AOG 36N(P)BT-00SP

     AOG 36" Built-in Grill without Rotisserie

The AOG 36" T series Grill is a high quality grill manufactured by the RH Peterson company. The price point is very appealing. If you are looking for value and quality and do not need all the fancy complimentary products, this is the perfect choice! The 36" Grill has 3 Stainless U Burners (backed by a lifetime warranty) and a push to turn piezo ignition (no batteries needed). This grill is made for performance (without all the bells and whistles) and makes a perfect choice for the casual outdoor entertainer. AOG offers three sizes 24", 30" and 36" in a T and L series. 

The L series has all the same features as the T series with the exception of interior halogen lights, back-lit knobs and electric ignition.

Why we love this Grill : 

  • The price point is so attractive
  • Diamond Sear Cooking Grates
  • 50,000 Total Primary BTUs
  • Designed and manufactured by the same company as FireMagic

5. Artisan ARTP-32

             Artisan by Alfresco ARTP-32 Built-in Grill

Artisan Grills are truly affordable luxury! They are manufacture in the USA by Alfresco. There are two series in the Artisan Lineup : Professional (32" and 36") and American Eagle (26" and 32"). All grill feature an optional plug & play infrared sear burner.

The Artisan ARTP-32 is part of the Professional Series. It features 3 stainless U Burners and a Rotisserie Back-burner. The design is as sleek and sexy as the Alfresco line. This grill has many bells and whistles including a powerful 110 v electric ignition, interior light and blue lit knobs. If all you need is some storage and a side burner, this is a perfect grill line. You will not compromise quality for value!

Why we love this Grill :

  • High end Design with a Budget Friendly Price Point
  • 20,000 BTUs per Burner
  • Super easy to repair
  • Air curtain design keeps controls cool to the touch
  • Manufactured by Alfresco

6. TEC Patio II PFR2

         TEC Patio 2 Built-in Grill

TEC makes this list as the top Infrared Grill. 

These guys were the inventors of the infrared grill (over 40 years ago). They went back to their roots when they reintroduced the Patio II series Grill (it had been discontinued for years). TEC's current line up includes the Patio I (26") and Patio II (44"). It is offered in the Patio and Sterling Patio. The difference between the two is the hood.

The Patio II 44" Grill features two 100% infrared burners. This technology is the only of its kind. It smokes, sears and barbecues slow and low. Will reach temps as low as 200 degrees. The biggest disadvantage of the grill line is the availability of complimentary products for your outdoor kitchen. If you d not need but storage and a refrigerator... Then Go TEC!

Why we love this Grill :

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • No-one does infrared better
  • Rapid Preheat 0-900 degrees in ten min
  • Amazing customer service

7. Delta Heat DHBQ32G

          Delta Heat DHBQ32G Built-in Grill

Delta Heat is a great Affordable Luxury Grill Manufactured by Twin Eagles.There are 3 sizes in their line up 26", 32" and 38". Rotisserie is optional only on the 32" and 38". The DHBQ32G is a 3 burner grill (without rotisserie) that features interior halogen lights and blue lit knobs. Great for those who demand quality but do not need all the outdoor kitchen appliances offered by their parent. These guys do have the essentials : Side Burner, Storage and Refrigeration. You can get this grill with an optional Challenger Designs Cart.

Why we love this Grill :

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Plug & Play optional Sear Burner
  • Manufacturer by a world class company

Be sure to checkout our Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Packages

Why choose The BBQ Depot? No-one has been selling and servicing grills as long as we have! We have been in our same physical location since 1956! We are trusted by all brands to do warranty service including Weber, Alfresco, DCS, TEC, Lynx and more!

In addition, We have been Lynx dealers since the inception of their grills and TEC for decades! 

by Tracy Hollander on 28th Dec 2018
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