Which BBQ grills are the best bang for your buck

If you’re in the market for a new BBQ grill, but want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, BBQ Depot is here to help.

Grilling isn’t just for simple backyard barbecues anymore. High-end grills and other luxury grilling accessories (like pizza ovens) have taken the BBQ world by storm. Some of the best BBQ grills have emerged from the luxury market and subsequently inspired more affordable counterparts.

If you’re searching for the best BBQ grill brands, look no further than this guide. Each of these brands delivers high-quality, luxury grills that are guaranteed to impress.

We’ll explore the best BBQ grill brands, investigate each brand’s best built-in and freestanding models and try to help you find the best option for you.

12 Luxury Grills that Offer the Best Value

Artisan by Alfresco

Artisan by Alfresco ARTP-36 Built-in Grill

The brainchild of popular luxury grill brand Alfresco, grills by Artisan offer affordable, high-quality products that are among the best BBQ grills (and the easiest to repair).

Artisan offers four grill sizes for both their built-in and freestanding models: 26-inch, 32-inch, 36-inch, and 42-inch. They offer two exceptional lines of grills that offer a lot of bang for your buck: the American Eagle Line and the Professional Line.

The American Eagle Line starts at a lower price point, but still includes luxury features, such as

  • Stainless steel U-burners with 20,000 BTUs per burner (British Thermal Units)
  • 9 volt Battery operated ignition
  • Self-cleaning ceramic briquette heat distribution
  • Hood assist
  • Add an optional Sear Zone for restaurant quality caramelized foods (available for both Series)

The Professional Line comes with a slightly higher price tag, but with good reason. Artisan Professional grills come with the American Eagle features listed above but also boast additional features, such as:

  • 110v electric ignition
  • Interior halogen work light
  • Rotisserie backburner

What we love most about Artisan is their value. Grill aficionados get Alfresco-quality grills at a more affordable price.

Each Artisan grill is constructed from high-quality stainless steel and made in the USA. They also offer a wide range of accessories to upgrade your grilling experience, such as the infrared sear burner and rotisserie kits.

Their outdoor kitchen potential is extensive. They’ve thought of the accessories that will turn your patio into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, including a side ice bin for your frosty brews to a Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Best Built-In Artisan Grill

The best built-in Artisan Grill is the American Eagle 36-inch Built-In. This grill offers tons of cooking space despite its average size. It’s also available with a rotisserie kit for the adventurous grillers among us.

For the quality, this built-in grill is an unbeatable price.

Best Freestanding Artisan Grill

The best freestanding Artisan Grill is the American Eagle 32-inch Freestanding. This sleek, durable model is anything but basic. The cart, the grill, and the racks are made from solid stainless steel, and the vertical control panel is recessed.

This is a grill that can survive the elements. Despite its compact size, it’s efficient, offering quite a bit of grilling space.

Delta Heat by Twin Eagles

Delta Heat grills are a fan favorite among BBQ Depot customers, and we know exactly why. Delta Heat offers some of the most innovative, visually appealing products on the market, easily landing them on most best BBQ grill brand roundups.

Delta Heat is a subsidiary of the Twin Eagles brand, and its grills offer all the bells and whistles of high-end luxury brands without a price hike. The heavy-duty, double-lined hoods are indicative of Delta Heat’s commitment to quality, along with their visible temperature gauges and blue LED-lit controls.

Delta Heat grills represent a wide price range depending on size and burner configuration. There are 7 different options depending on size. The 26" is only available in one option, 2 Burners. The 32 and 38 inch models are offered 3 ways : The G - which has 3 Blueflame Burners and no Rotisserie backburner, The R which also has 3 U burners but has a rotisseris and The RS which has 2 U Burners, a Sear Zone and a Rotisserie backburner. These prefix will always follow the model size. 

The beauty of the Delta Heat is you can add a Sear Burner with the DHSZ-Kit at anytime. They have also added a charcoal tray and griddle to expand your outdoor cooking possibilities.

Not sure which set-up to choose, we offer a convenient 4-piece appliance package that removes the enormity paralysis that can accompany the outdoor kitchen design process. For grillers confident in Delta Heat’s high-quality, American-made products, the package won’t disappoint.

Best Built-In Delta Heat Grill

The best built-in Delta Heat Grill is the 32-inch Built-In model with rotisserie and sear burner. Not only are the accessories perfect for innovative grillers, but they’re perfect for getting that even roast or steakhouse-quality sear on your dishes.

The 32-inch model’s efficient use of space makes it the perfect grill for frequent cookout hosts. If you’re feeding an army, the sear burner can be switched out for a regular U-burner to provide even more surface area.

This is a grill that will exceed your expectations without breaking your budget.

If Gas Grilling is not your thing, the Delta Heat Griddle may be better suited for you. Many people do not like that with Cooking grates the food and their juices fall into the fire and cause flare up or grease fires. The Delta Heat Teppanyaki Griddle, is like a giant stainless steel sauté pan. Because of its size and uniform temperature, the cooking surface is like having a bunch of sauté pans at the same time, allowing one or more dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Best Freestanding Delta Heat Grill

The best freestanding Delta Heat Grill is the 32-inch Freestanding with rotisserie and sear burner. With the same benefits as the built-in, this freestanding grill is perfect for those without outdoor kitchens or who need a more portable option.

It’s got plenty of cooking space, but if you have more space and host large parties often, you might prefer the 38-inch model

Sedona by Lynx

If you’re an experienced griller, you’ll love Sedona by Lynx. Lynx is a long-standing manufacturer, and its products withstand the test of time. As a subsidiary of Lynx, Sedona grills promise the same, but with a bit of luxury flair.

We love that the Sedona line is so customizable. Their outdoor kitchen accessories offer nearly endless options for personalizing and optimizing your grilling experience. And, of course, we love that their high-quality, well-designed, American-made grills are available at an affordable price.

Best Built-In Sedona Grill

The best built-in Sedona Grill is the L600PS 36-inch model. This grill offers luxury features (like the ProSear burner to achieve that oh-so-perfect outer texture) and lots of cooking space.

It won’t take up too much real estate in your outdoor kitchen, but their line of accessories can provide even more cooking surfaces if needed.

Best Freestanding Sedona Grill

The best freestanding Sedona Grill is the L600F 36-inch model. It offers tons of cooking space, and it’s versatile. Grillers can choose between two configurations: three U-burners, or two U-burners, and a ProSear burner. 

Best Accessible Sedona Grill

Sedona Grills met a grilling industry challenge head-on when they designed their ADA Compliant grill. The hood assist, the rear-mounted propane tank holder, and the low height make this an excellent choice for wheelchair users or grillers with mobility challenges.

Aurora Line of Grills by Fire Magic

Fire Magic Grills offers some of the most durable grills on the market, and their Aurora line of grills offers the longevity expected from Fire Magic at an affordable price.

While their Echelon line features the best of luxury grilling, it can be a bit price-prohibitive. The Aurora line answers the call for budget-friendly grills that don’t skimp on quality.

They offer more cooking surface area than most other grills in their size class, and their spring-loaded hood—quite literally—does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Aurora’s pricing is nearly unbeatable. There’s a product for every budget within that range.

One of our favorite things about the Aurora line is their in-ground post option for some freestanding grills. Their sleek appearance defies the expectation that a grill has to be a bulky behemoth.

Best of all, all Fire Magic Grills (the Aurora line included) are made in America.

Best Built-In Fire Magic Grill

The best built-in Fire Magic grill in the Aurora line is the 540i Built-In Grill with an infrared burner. At just 30 inches wide, it offers 540 square inches of cooking space, which is an astounding surface area for a grill of this size.

Infrared burners are a relatively new grilling concept, one that both speeds up cooking time and seals in those precious juices. But, it can get pricey. 

For a grill with Fire Magic’s longevity and luxury elements like a spring-loaded hood, the 540i offers tons of excellent features at an affordable price.

Best Freestanding Fire Magic Grill

The best freestanding Fire Magic grill is the Aurora 660s Grill on a cart. While Fire Magic has always offered some of the best propane BBQ grills, the 660s also features a natural gas option and an optional Magic View Window, where you can watch your grilled masterpieces come to life.

Like the built-in 540i, the 660s is 30 inches wide but offers 660 square inches of cooking surface. 

Summerset Grills

On the subject of high-quality grills, we’d be remiss if we skipped Summerset Grills. What is great about Sumemrset is the offer the broadest spectrum of price of imported and US manufactured professional-quality grills at an affordable pricing.

Each of their three lines — SizzlerTRL and Alturi — represent Summerset's sleek, beautiful grill designs. Their products are high-quality and long-lasting with an amazing warranty to back them up.

The Sizzler (except for the Builder Grill) and TRL are imported models while the Alturi is Made in the USA.

While it may appear at first glance that Summerset only makes built-in grills, we are also thrilled to say that all of their storage components (doors, drawers, etc) are made at their California factory. Since these storage components are not branded, you can use these high quality items with any grill manufacturer.

If you’re looking between building a perfect outdoor kitchen or sticking with a portable grill, you’ll love Summerset's versatility.

Best Built-In Summerset Grill

At BBQ Depot, we love the Summerset 32 inch Sizzler Pro. With a double lined hood, cast stainless burners, interior lights, and heavy-duty stainless steel grates, this grill packs so many high end features into an affordable grill. Their Gold Standard Warranty offers Lifetime Warranty on most components.

Best Summerset Grill to replace BBQ Galore Turbo Built in Grills

When it comes to Built-in Grills where the manufacturer is out of business or has stopped making parts, you can count on Summerset to deliver an option. Sumemrset introduced the TRL to actually be a Turbo Replacement. We love the quality and features on the TRL 38" Built-in Grill. This direct replacement will save you thousands of dollars having to "retrofit" your outdoor kitchen.

If your budget allows, the Alturi should definitely be a consideration.

Manufactured in the USA, the Alturi Series is luxury that is designed with elegance and loaded with all the best features. Interior lights, briquettes for retaining and spreading heat, and spring-assisted hood are just some of the luxurious convenience features, while it's solid #304 stainless steel construction and high BTU burners this grill sets the bar for luxury outdoor cooking.

Summit Grills by Weber

While they’re primarily known for their kettle-style charcoal grills, Weber’s gas grills tend to be overlooked. Their Summit Grills line offers some of the most affordable gas grills on the market with the quality and longevity expected of Weber’s household name.

One of our favorite elements of the Summit line is their optional black finish. While it contributes to grills’ sleek, classic designs, the black finish is excellent for hiding stains — and we all know that grilling can get messy.

Summit Grills offers the quality of Weber without the hefty price tag. Every grill in this line is less than $3,000.00.

Best Summit Grill by Weber

Our favorite in this line is the Weber Summit S470 with sear burner and rotisserie. With four burners, 580 square inches of cooking space, and the added bells and whistles of a sear burner and rotisserie, the S470 combines Weber’s iconic design elements with newer, innovative grilling features.

Too Many Choices? Trust the Experts at BBQ Depot

While each grill in this list provides luxury features for grillers on a budget, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. If you’d like some guidance or advice, consult with an expert at BBQ Depot. We can help you find the perfect grill for your patio or outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank.

Our excellent customer service doesn’t expire once you’re out the door. Our experts can troubleshoot over the phone if you have any questions about installation, malfunctions, or anything grilling-related. (In fact, we solve plenty of problems this way every week.)

If you want the best grill for your money and don’t know where to start, BBQ Depot is here to help. Explore our wealth of information online, drop us a line, or give us a ring. We can’t wait to help you find the best BBQ grill!

by Tracy Hollander on 11th Mar 2022
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