Which Delta Heat Grill Do I Have? (And Where Can I Get Replacement Parts?)

Delta Heat Grills are affordable luxury items that don’t break the bank.

They are engineered by award winning manufacturer Twin Eagles. 

They’re customizable, upgradeable, and easy to find replacement parts for. While other brands might offer lower price tags, Delta Heat are grills made in America with the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship.These are beautiful, high-performing grills that will serve you well for many years (and many barbecues) to come.

In order to customize, upgrade, and maintain your luxury Delta Heat Grill though, you’ll need to understand how to figure out the exact model you have. 

Follow our step-by-step guide below to be sure that you’re purchasing the right customization and replacement Delta Heat Grill parts for your needs.

How to Identify Your Delta Heat Grill in 3 Simple Steps

Not sure which model Delta Heat Grill you’ve got? Don’t worry, we do! Here’s how to figure out what type of Delta Heat Grill you own:

  1. Find your model and series letter. This information is found on the data nameplate, located on the rear panel of the grill. A second label, with a model and serial number, is located under the right side of the control panel.
  2. Check your Grill Manual. If for whatever reason you don’t have access to the data nameplate or the control panel label, you can look in your Delta Heat Grill manual to locate your grill model number.
  3. Break out your tape measure. If Steps 1 and 2 above fail you, it’s time to figure out the dimensions of your grill. Delta Heat sports three sizes of grills, so it’s super easy to start by figuring out which size your grill is and narrow down the model from there. Measure the top of your control panel left to right. The Grill will Start with DHBQ and be the accompanying size of your measurement. Then it will follow with a G if it is 26, 32 or 38 inches, an R if there is a rotisserie backburner (available on the 32 or 38 only) or an RS which these grills will have both a Rotisserie and and a sear burner.

Then we want to determine your Delta Heat Grill Series :

Model Number Only with no following letter is a first generation Delta Heat. These grills were actually manufactured overseas. When the quality was not meeting the expectations of Delta Heat, they brought back manufacturing of the B series grills in the USA.

if your grill model is followed by a dash B, these grills had red knobs.

dash C and D the knobs were changed from red and the lights above the knobs were changed to blue.

and they can be either :

  • Built-in
  • Freestanding

Delta Heat Grills come in a variety of widths/sizes, and each has different permutations of bells and whistles that indicate different models. For instance, the 32” built-in grill with sear zone and rotisserie differs from the 32” built-in with U Burners only, and both differ from the 32” built-in with the rotisserie only.

Small differences like these can actually make an impact on which Delta Heat replacement parts you want to choose for your grill (and the quantity).

To start, measure your grill to determine the correct width. Built-in and freestanding grills come in 26”, 32”, and 38” options.

Finally, determine which customizations you’ve got: rotisserie or sear zone.

Then head here to compare your specifications to the list of Delta Heat Grills and determine which model you’ve got.

Note: Challenger Coastal Designs packages include one of the three available built-in options in the DHBQ32 models, but all information needed to determine your grill model should be available on this page.

Step 4 – Ask us directly, and we’ll tell you. If you still aren’t sure which type of grill you have,get in touch with us! Simply send BBQ Depot a message with a few photos of your grill and we will help you determine which Delta Heat model you have. We’re grill experts, and can tell you which model you own.

Looking for Delta Heat Grill Parts? We’ve Got ‘Em.

Once you’ve determined which model you have, you’re on your way toward figuring out which replacement parts you need. Below, we cover the options for Delta Heat replacement parts including burners, ignition, briquette trays and more.

If you’re looking for more information on any of the replacement parts below or just have questions about your Delta Heat Grill parts in general, email us at info@thebbqdepot.com or call us at (877)983-0451 and we’ll help you make sure you’re selecting the part that’s right for you.

Popular Delta Heat Grill Replacement Parts

Delta Heat Replacement Burners

With enough use and/or exposure, burners (like any piece of equipment) start to wear out or rust. When it’s time to replace your Delta Heat Grill, we’re here to help make sure you select the right one:

Delta Heat Replacement Ignition Parts

A faulty ignition means you’re dead in the water before you even get going. When it’s time to replace your grill’s ignition, it’s critical you choose the right module:

Delta Heat Briquette Tray Replacement Parts

Briquette trays not only work by spreading the grill’s flame evenly across the cooking surface for a superior cooking experience but, the ceramic briquettes absorb heat and continually radiate that heat accross the grilling surface. Though, after enough use and exposure to the elements, sauces and seasonings, your briquette tray will need to be replaced.

Note: It is not necessary to remove and clean the briquettes themselves from the tray after every grilling. They burn themselves clean during the next cooking operation. Periodically, though, the trays will need to be cleaned simply by brushing off the briquettes never using water or degreaser.

The trays come in either full assemblies with briquettes or the trays only.

  • Delta Heat 32" Briquette Tray Assembly - Fits: all 32" grill models. If you gave a sear bunrer, you will need two and if you have all stainless U burners, you will need three.
  • Delta Heat 26” and 38” Briquette Tray Only (no briquettes) - Must purchase replacement briquettes separately. This tray fits Delta models DHBQ38R/S-BN, DHBQ38R/S-BL, DHBQ 26G-BN, DHBQ 26G-BL, DHBQ38R/S-CN, DHBQ38R/S-CL, DHBQ 26G-CN, and DHBQ 26G-CL. (Click here for the full 26” and 38” briquette tray assembly that includes briquettes, but make sure to double check that it fits your grill model.)
  • If you have the original Delta Heat Model Grill that has no accompanying letter, all of the trays in the models only had two rows of briquettes. You will need to dimensionally see what will fit in your model.
  • Briquettes - replace your briquettes periodically after extended use.

Delta Heat Replacement Valves

When it’s time to replace your valves, make sure you choose the right one for your model grill:

Delta Heat Replacement Cooking Grates

Any grill enthusiast knows that after enough cooks, the grates just don’t sizzle like they used to. When it’s time to get a new cooking grate, you’ve got options for each of the three Delta Heat Grill sizes (click the links below to access the replacement parts based on size):

But do you need a replacement cooking grate, or do you just need to deep clean what you already have?

If you haven’t already given your Delta Heat cooking grate a good clean, we recommend you start there.

How to Clean your Delta Heat Cooking Grate : The easiest way to clean the Delta Heat’s stainless steel grates is to scrub them with a barbeque brush once the grates have completely cooled off. This is because we recommend if your using a brush, be sure it is a brass brislte brush. If you use this brush before the grates have cooled, the briistles will melt. 

Next, take your  brass-bristle barbeque brush and scrub the grill. You can always use a stainless scrubber. These are generally sold in a three pack at your local hardware store.

Steam, created as water comes in contact with the hot grill, helps loosen food particles stuck in the grill. These food particles will either get burned into the briquettes or fall into the cleaning pan.

When cleaning the grates, make sure not to hit the rotisserie burner. Never spray water on hot grill.

Delta Heat Replacement Spark Generator

Delta Heat U Burner Spark Igniter - This electrode is plugged into the spark generator and is used to light the burner. 26” models require one, all other models require two.

Delta Heat Replacement Knobs

Kids, animals, the elements. There are many reasons you might lose a knob. But you’re not going to be grilling if you can’t control the size of your flame, so it’s one of those little pieces that need to be immediately replaced.

NOTE : Sometimes the plastic insert of the knob will melt from heat. This is generally caused from the hood being down when the grill is on high. In grilling, the lid is closed on preheat and then opened when cooking. 

  • Delta Heat Black Knob - the only option for Delta Heat replacement knobs right now. Previous models have been discontinued.

Delta Heat Miscellaneous Repair Parts

Other Delta Heat Grills replacement parts include transformer fuses, battery packs, lights, thermometers, wire harnesses, and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a shout and we’ll help you find the part you need.

Delta Heat Also Offers a Great Selection of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

Delta Heat Side Burners

Delta side burners do double duty by freeing up space on your main grilling area for the star of the show (steaks, burgers, or whatever else you’ve got cookin’), while also letting you attend to the side dishes so everything comes out fresh and hot at the same time.

Single and double-sided burners are available depending on your needs and available space.

Replacement costs for Delta Heat side burners range from around $849 to $2,519+

Delta Heat Storage Components

Storage is essential. Whether it’s a trash bin, paper towel dispenser, or general multi-purpose storage drawers, Delta Heat has everything you need to make sure trips to the house are few and far between.

Take a cue from the Boy Scouts and be prepared with any of Delta Heat’s storage options to keep ingredients fresh and the cooked food warm next time you’re cooking out. There are more than a dozen custom options to choose from, so go crazy.

Prices for Delta Heat Storage components range from $200+ to $1,000+

Delta Heat Grill Accessories

Food takes center stage at most barbecues, it’s true. But what’s a barbecue without some beverages to go along? Delta Heat sells 20” outdoor refrigerators, outdoor sinks and faucets, and drop-in coolers to assist with food storage and keeping the cocktails cool.

Prices for Delta Heat Grill accessories range from $689+ to $1,700 or more.

Why People Like Delta Heat Grills

Delta Heat Grills is an American company founded by award-winning gas engineer, Dante Cantal. Since the 1990s, Cantal and the team at Delta Heat have been producing high-end gas grills that set the standard for any outdoor cooking space.

Delta Heat Grills are an easy recommendation to get behind. As an offshoot of parent company Twin Eagles, Delta Heat provides the same high-quality grilling experience as Twin Eagles, but with a much more palatable price tag.

These grills are made in America by a team of designers, engineers, and expert craftsmen at a state-of-the-art facility in California.

This domestic production means two things: you’re supporting a US-based business, and you’ll have a much easier time finding Delta Heat replacement parts than if you were shopping overseas.

Outfitting your outdoor space can be a daunting task, and at BBQ Depot we want to help bring your vision to life on time, under budget, and up to standard. Delta Heat offers all the bells and whistles of its competitors DCS and Lynx Grills without the wallet-killing price tags which is why we highly recommend their grills.

Delta Heat's care in its design and manufacturing is apparent in the finished product. Delta Heat Grills are a no-brainer when you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable luxury grill with all the bells and whistles you require.

Finding the Delta Heat Grill Parts You Need

If something you need isn’t in stock on our website, please reach out and we can arrange for a custom order.

If you need to learn how to properly care for your gas grill, how to grill safely, check out our I.Q. Learning Center.

Other questions or concerns? Get in touch by email or calling us at (877)-983-0451.

by Tracy Hollander on 5th Nov 2022
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