Our selection of replacement grill parts by Dynasty allows you to repair or upgrade your existing grill for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit. Frequent points of failure for many brands include igniters and burners, while components like briquette trays and cooking grids frequently wear and corrode after enough time and heavy use.

That's why Dynasty has a full selection of replacement grill parts that are built to the same or higher quality as the grills they fit. Brands including Maytag, Jenn Air, Solaire, and Viking are compatible with these reliable components.

Compatable Grill Models

DBQ30F, DBQ30FL, DBQ30FN, DBQ30IA, DBQ30IAP, DBQ30L, DBQ30MA, DBQ30mad, DBQ30N, DBQ30PA, DBQ30pad, DBQ42FL, DBQ42FN, DBQ42L, DBQ42N, DBQ42pa, DBQ42pad, DBQ42SA, DBQ42SAP, DBQ54L, DBQ54N, DBQ55TA, DBQ55TAP, DCT304, DCT364CB, DCT364G, DCT365WOK, DCT366, DCT

Some Dynasty parts we list are also found in those early Jenn-Air Grills that were manufactured by Jade Corporation.

Brief History

Dynasty Grills were a well built product that lacked name recognition in the industry. The grills were well built and made to last a lifetime.

Dynasty was a brand name manufactured by the Jade Corporation, along with private labeled grill under the Jenn-Air brand name and later purchased by Maytag. Dynasty Grills share the same founder as Alfresco Grills.

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