Solaire Gas Grills and Replacement Parts

Each Solaire grill has a "rocket under the hood" - Infrared Burner.  Their superior burner gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for a more tasty, flavorful food product than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill.  The finest steakhouses use infrared burners to sear their meat - you can too with a Solaire Infrared Grill.  

They have two series grills, IRBQ which does not have a back rotisserie burner and AGBQ which does include a rotisserie back burner. They also have two versions, an IR noted all infrared burners in the grill and VI which they call "infra-section" meaning the grill is a hybrid that will have a combination of infrared and traditional blue flame burners. Solaire has conversion kits that will allow you to interchange your burners from infrared to traditional blue flame or vice versa.

We stock all the repair parts to keep your Solaire Grill working like new including Infrared Burners, Convection Burners, Cooking Grates, Conversion Kits, Ignition, Vaporizer Shields and more.

The original Solaire Grill was designed by Alfresco Grills.

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