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Solaire Grills

Solaire Grills offer a superior burner that gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for a more tasty, flavorful food product than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill. The finest steakhouses use infrared burners to sear their meat. We are happy to service these grills.

Solaire Grills And Infrared Burners

Browse Solaire InfraRed Grills to find the right one to take your grilling to the next level.We retail the newest models for your convenience. Our experts can recommend which Solaire gas grills or accessories are suitable for you and your grilling area, based on the company’s homepage and experience.

Repair Parts

We stock all the repair parts to keep your Solaire Grill working like new. Such components include Infrared Burners & Convection Burners, Cooking Grates, Conversion Kits, Ignition, Vaporizer Shields, and more.

We also stock replacement screens to protect the infrared burners from foods while cooking them. They even made a TEC Patio II, Sterling II, Sterling III Infrared Burner Screen to work on older TEC grills.


If you are looking at natural gas grills, Solaire has many benefits. They provide a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and durable material for structure. Its simple design also allows us to repair them quickly.

The Solaire 21″ Deluxe Infrared Built-In Grill is one of our top recommendations. It uses liquid propane with ceramic infrared burners. Switch on the quickstart electric ignition, and the grill will heat quickly.


Different grilling accessories can ameliorate the cooking experience. They can increase your food repertoire beyond standard grilling. Suppose, for example; one wishes to deep-fry or steam meat or vegetables. The Solaire 27″ Grill Steamer/Fryer is easy to install and use.

Outdoor Kitchen

You want cooking tools on hand when cooking out near a patio or yard. A utility drawer can make the grilling experience easier for cleaning and maintenance. The Solaire Single Utility Drawer has stainless steel construction and removable slides.

Why Buy a Solaire Grill?

Solaire is a family-owned business (since 1907) and manufactures grills in the USA. Let’s start by stating that this grill is simplistic and does not have the bells and whistles most grills have today. We love this as aservicing company because fewer moving parts mean a lower chance of future breakdowns. Thus, less out of pocket parts you will buy in the future. It is constructed of 304 series, 18-8 gauge stainless steel.

The infrared grills heat up to over 1000 degrees within 3 minutes. You can easily change from infrared to convection (traditional blue flame) burners, further expanding your cooking experience.

Solaire InfraRed Grill

Each Solaire infrared grill has a “rocket under the hood” – Infrared Burner.

Solaire grills have two series; IRBQ, which does not have a back rotisserie burner, and AGBQ, which does include a rotisserie back burner. They also have two versions; an IR notes all infrared burners in the grill, and VI, which they call “infra-section,” meaning the grill is a hybrid that will have a combination of infrared and traditional blue flame burners. Solaire conversion kits are also available for your benefit. They will allow you to interchange your burners from infrared to classic blue flame or vice versa.

Alfresco Grills designed the original Solaire Grill. Grills at the Solaire company wanted to spread a love of delicious food made with intense heat. That’s why grill masters know Solaire as one of the highest-reviewed brands on the market.

Find Your Solaire Grill Repair Parts At The BBQ Depot

The BBQ Depot is a company that wants to help customers maintain their grills, burners, and more. Our family business supports the grilling home cook and professional chefs. We know which accessories need replacement and how to service different brands and models.
Please reach out to us today to take advantage of our grill specialty repairs and expertise. At the BBQ Depot, you can find your next Solaire infrared burner or portable grill.

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