TEC Burner Assembly - Sterling FR & G-FR - FM3028A

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Stainless steel TEC burner assembly for Sterling II, III, IV, ST2LPFR, G2000, G3000, and G4000 infrared gas grills.

Tip : To install this burner you need to first turn off the gas supply. Remove the cooking grids, glass and drip tray and set to the side. Remove the panels to the left, right and rear. Pull out the liner that surrounds the burners. Disconnect the electrode wires from the burner. Remove the bolt (on the right front). Unscrew the orifice and the nut behind the orifice. Pull the burner towards the back and in an upward movement to remove it from the grill.

Put the new burner in and repeat the above steps to reinstall.

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