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Known for their signature Red Knobs, Wolf extended their long standing Appliance offering to the Outdoors.

The first two series of Wolf Outdoor Grills were the BBQ-1 and BBQ-2. Both of the BBQ series used straight tube burners and flame tamers to distribute the heat. The current OG model Grills use U shaped Burners and Briquette Trays. Scroll down to see the parts breakdown for these grills.

BBQ-1 vs. BBQ-2

The main difference in the BBQ models is the BBQ-1 used a rotary ignition spark generator and the BBQ-2 used a Battery ignition spark generator. Both series were available in a 24", 36" and 48" (this is the width in inches of the grill). A number 2 following the size of the grill indicates a double side burner. A C indicates a Cart Model and BI indicates a Built in Grill.

Schematics List

BBQ Parts List
BBQ2 Parts List

The current OG series features U shaped stainless steel burners, it uses a ceramic heat diffusing briquette tray and a hot surface ignition and is available in 30", 36", 42", and 54" 

OG30 Parts List

Locating Your Model

To locate your model number, remove the drip tray. It is located behind the logo. (image below)


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