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Grill cleaning not only keeps your grill looking good, but it can keep you safe as well. Food drippings can be coercive and build up on grill parts over time, most noticeably on the grill grates and venturi tubes. These are particularly susceptible to dirt and insects clogging the small holes in the tube that allows air to mix with gas in gas grills. In some cases, if they get clogged, the tubes can even explode, causing a very dangerous situation.

Different kinds of Grill Cleaners

Cleaning and maintenance is an ongoing process that requires you to clean in the short term as well as in the long term. Below are some common grill cleaning supplies and their uses that can help you keep your grill like new.

Brushes: Wire brushes are commonly used to wipe down grills every time someone uses the grill. This is good practice, but most people don't know that it is actually better to wipe down the grill after you are done grilling, not just before your next grilling. Food drippings and grease are more easily cleaned while the grill grates are still warm.

Degreasers: These spray-on substances are used to remove built up grease and food drippings from grates and other parts of the grill. Use this grill cleaner periodically. The sprays come in environmentally friendly versions for conscientious grillers.

Polishers: Polishers are used on stainless steel grills for cleaning and renewing that stainless shine. Like degreasers, this supply should be used periodically.

Paints: When your grill gets chipped or the paint falls off from wear and tear, restore the finish with spray-on paints. These paints are made especially for the grill's metal exterior.

Why Shop The BBQ Depot for Grill Cleaner

We have a wide variety of brushes, degreasers, polishers and paints to meet all your grill cleaning needs. Combine your cleaning supply with another part, you may be able to qualify for free shipping in the continental United States for orders above $99.

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