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A Burner Brace or "Rail" is a long metal strip that sits at the back of the burner firebox. It is used to not only hold the burner in place but it will have cross-over (carryover) channels that are used to carry the flame from one burner to the next.

What is a carryover on grill burner bracket? It allows one burner to be lit by the ignition and then when you open the additional knobs on the grill, it carries that flame to light the additional burners.

Most of the burner rails we stock are aftermarket. They are made for a few select brands and models including Charbroil, Brinkmann and Broil King.

*If you grill was purchased from a big box store and is a private label grill, we will not have any replacement for your burner brace. See our brand filter below

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