80232 Lynx 27, 36 Briquette Tray - 0,1, E, F, G, H, J, K, L Series

SKU: 80006-80232

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Lynx Replacement Stainless Steel Briquette Tray - Sold Individually. Briquettes and Clips Sold Separately. If you want a complete assembly use part 80363

This Original Manufacturer Part replaces part 80006 used in LBQ grills. 

NOTE: There is no left or right tray that has been used in a Lynx product. This is the only tray available.

0,1,E, F, G, H, J, K, L Series

2000 & 2006


Lynx Models : 27, 36, L27-1, L27-2, L27, L27F-1, L27F-2, L27F, L27FR-1, L27FR-2, L27FR, L27PSFR-2, L27PSR-2, L27R-1, L27R-2, L36, L36FR-1, L36FR, L36PSFR-1, L36PSR-1, L36R-1, L27-1, L27-2, L27, L27F-1, L27F-2, L27F, L27FR-1, L27FR-2, L27FR, L27PSFR-2, L27PSR-2, L27R-1, L27R-2, L27R, L30, L30APSFR, L30APSR, L30F, L30FR-1, L30FR, L30PSFR-1, L30PSFR, L30PSP-1, L30PSR-1, L30PSR, L30R-1, L30R, L30SPR, L36, L36FR-1, L36FR, L36PSFR-1, L36PSR-1, L36R-1, L42, L42FR-1, L42PSFR, L42PSR-1, L42PSR, L42R-1, L42R, L54, L5430, L5430FR2B, L54FR, L54PSFR-1, L54PSR-1, L54R, L54SBFR, L54SBR, LB36F, LBQ27, LBQ27E, LBQ27F, LBQ27FE, LBQ27FR, LBQ27FRE, LBQ27R, LBQ27RE, LBQ36, LBQ36F, LBQ36FR, LBQ36FRE, LBQ36R, LBQ36, LBQ36RE, LBQ48, LBQ48CF, LBQ48, LBQ48FR, LBQ48FR2B, LBQ48FRE, LBQ48R, LBQ48R2B, LBQ48RE, LPQ36E

Dimensions : 16 7/8 x 9 1/2

Previous Part # 90070, 80232, 80006


This tray takes 24 center clips part 31679

This is an original Lynx Part

To help assure you get the correct replacement parts for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

Ask The Experts
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  1. Bbq Depot Rocks

    So glad i chose Bbq Depot for Lynx briquette tray replacements. They were aerospace precise, sturdy, edges all burnished smooth. Delivery was fast (from one coast to another!), packaging was xlnt, and their price was unbeatable. Big props!!

    Verified Customer Darryl - 18th Jul 2023

  2. Only fits one side of Lynx 27

    I originally bought these on Amazon but couldn't get them to fit into my Lynx 27. After correspondence with BBQ Depot that assured me that these would fit, I ordered two. I was able to get the one on the left to slip in, but I had to cut a notch in the other to get into the right side.

    Verified Customer Robert - 5th Mar 2023

  3. Perfect fit

    Just installed two new trays in my Lynx 27” and very easy and perfect fit. Didn’t come with the clips but I don’t really think they are needed.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 11th Sep 2022

  4. Perfect Replacwment

    These were for an LBQ36F that’s over twenty years old and fit perfect.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 28th Aug 2022

  5. Excellent replacement

    I have one of the original Lynx 36" grills and this briquette tray fit's perfectly. The design is a little different, my original trays did not have the metal tabs that stick up at the end of each row. This presented a minor problem on the center tray as it obstructed the smoke box from being inserted. Mr. Vice-Grip easily resolved that problem. Other than that issue the trays are a great replacement.

    Verified Customer SkyKing - 19th Mar 2022

  6. as advertized

    Great fit and looks great. good gauge stainless

    Verified Customer dave - 30th Dec 2021

  7. Briquette Tray

    These trays are for a 36" Lynx, ORI tray lasted 21yrs, perfect fit, sales people are very knowledgeable, and service is great...I guess I have to replace these briquette trays every 21yrs now.

    Verified Customer BOB KENYON - 27th Sep 2021

  8. worked great

    This tray worked great. It fit in 100% identically to the previous Lynx tray I had.

    PS. I still don't understand why it's called a "Lynx 27, 36 Briquette Tray". What is 27 or 36 about it? It fits 28 briquettes.

    Verified Customer Lucian - 20th Sep 2021

  9. tray

    tray was fine
    does not appear to be original Lynx part

    Verified Customer Unknown - 14th Jun 2021

  10. Product did fit.

    I was disappointed that the product did not fit. The front mounting brace was too far to the left.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 14th Apr 2021

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