31679 Lynx Briquette Tray Retaining Clip, Center

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Lynx Center Retaining Clip For Briquette Tray


Fits Lynx Models : L27, L27-1, L27-2,  L27F-1, L27F-2, L27FR-1, L27FR, L27FR-2, L27R-1, L27R-2, L30, L30FR-1, L30PSFR-1, L30PSP-1, L30PSR-1, L30R-1, L36, L36FR-1, L36PSFR-1, L36PSR-1, L36R-1, L42, L42FR-1, L42PSFR-1, L42PSR-1, L42R-1, L54, 54PSFR-1, L54PSR-1


Alternate part: LYN31679

This item is an original manufactured part.


To help assure you get the correct replacement parts for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.


Ask The Experts


  1. Briquette Tray Retaining Clips for a Lynx

    Clips were perfect, they saved me from having to replace the entire tray. It took a few minutes to install them, but it was well worth the time.

    Verified Customer Lindsey Lewis Sell Levine - 3rd Jan 2022

  2. Good service, good product!

    Delivered on time, clips as expected.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 2nd Jun 2021

  3. Briquette clips

    I was considering buying a new tray with briquettes installed but found these clips on this website. Parts were great and worked fine. Saved me a lot of money. I will be purchasing them again.

    Verified Customer Carlo V Daleo - 25th Jul 2020

  4. Briquette Tray and Clips

    Fairly easy to install by following the utube demonstration. I used a regular hammer and chisel to secure the clips, and it worked fine. The only additional suggestion I would make after all the briquettes are secured, is to gently crimp the the top of the clips to the briquettes with a channel-lock to really lock them in.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 24th Jul 2020

  5. Center clips for Lynx pyramid briquettes

    These clips require quite a bit of experimentation to get them to be installed firmly. Watching a YouTube video was helpful, but insufficient. Finding a tool the right size and shape (and that you don’t mind damaging) to do the pounding is a challenge.

    Although I ordered 30 center clips, my package had 26 center clips and 4 end clips. Since I only totally ruined one clip in my installation, I had enough clips for the tray.

    The 24 new pyramid briquettes are great.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 14th Aug 2019

  6. Briquette Tray Retaining Clips

    Shipping was very fast Clips worked great you might order a couple extra for the install learning curb. The install video on youtube is very helpful.

    Verified Customer Matt - 14th Jul 2019

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