32915 - Lynx 27PS, 36PS, Sedona ProSear Burner [Short] - Includes Screen

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Do you hear a popping sound from your Lynx ProSear burner? Good chance that there is a crack or break in the ceramic an it is time to replace.

Lynx Series : H, J, K, L, M

This prosear burner fits Lynx Models : L27-2008, L27FR-1-2008, L27PSFR-1-2008, L27PSR-1-2008, L27R-1-2008, L36-2006, L36-2007, L36-2008, L36FR-1-2006, L36FR-1-2007, L36FR-1-2008, L36PSFR-1-2006, L36PSFR-1-2007, L36PSFR-1-2008, L36PSR-1-2006, L36PSR-1-2007, L36PSR-1-2008, L36R-1-2006, L36R-1-2007, L36R-1-2008

Replacement infrared gas grill burner for Lynx barbecue grill models that are 27 and 36 inches wide. This is the shorter infrared prosear burner used in 2010 and 2011. Includes Screen

Fits Sedona Series N, L500 (Model Year: 2012 Only)



Old Lynx Part Number : 31783, 32915

This item is an original manufactured part.

Dimensions : Burner Ceramic Length is 14 1/2. Total Length of burner from back to front is 16 7/8" and 8 3/8" wide from edge to edge


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

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  1. Lynx 27PS, 36PS, Sedona ProSear Burner

    Had to do a little modification bending the tab on the bottom and then it fit like a glove. Fast shipping and works as it should.

    Verified Customer Pitdog - 7th Sep 2023

  2. Much Better Quality than Trident Sear Burner

    I converted my Lynx grill back to the Prosear burner from the Trident sear burner. The Trident has a coated steel body which corrodes over a short period of time. The Prosear burner has the same coated steel body but has stainless steel where it meets the ceramic burner. This IMHO is the weak link on the Trident sear burner.

    Verified Customer Wagner Ramsey - 31st May 2022


    Works great.
    Replaced 10yr old original pro sear burner that was falling apart.

    Verified Customer Michael McG - 14th Jul 2020

  4. Replacement Searer Works Well

    Some mechanical skill is needed for the installation, but it is not hard. Getting the replacement in requires some juggling, but doable. The small rear bracket that holds the searer down with a hex bolt may have to be bent to the appropriate position; that will become obvious with installation.

    The BBQ Depot people were great on the phone and they go to great pains to make sure you get the EXACT replacement part, because that can be tricky with LYNX grills. It was shipped right out that day and I had it within 72 hours.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 29th May 2018

  5. I thought this was the wrong burner

    for my grill as it did not fit like my original. It was confirmed that this is the correct replacement. I called BBQ Depot and the service tech told me to bend one of the tabs out and now if fits great.

    Verified Customer Becky - 13th Jul 2015

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