16 x 2 1/2, OCS, Coyote Stainless Burner - OCS1


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This easy-to-install versatile replacement burner fits some OCS, Sapphire, and Sunstone cooking system. Simply fit the burner onto the grill exactly how the previous hardware was installed and enjoy clean, even flame. This burner is 16 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide.


Sold Individually


  • Dimensions : 16-in x 2.5-in
  • Burner Dimensions : 13.5-in 
  • Tube Dimensions : 7.88-in

Alternate Part: C0000201, P-GBurner-OCS

To ensure you choose the correct burner for your grill, we suggest removing the old part and comparing it to the dimensions we have listed.


This item is not an original manufacturer part 

We demand a lot from our grills. From frequent use to exposure to the elements, we beat them up all year long. Occasionally, a piece will break or malfunction. That's why we're dedicated to making it easy for you to find quality replacement parts for your grills. Instead of buying a whole new grill, get your favorite equipment back to its prime shape or better with our selection of replacement burners, ignitors, gas valves, and more!

Ask The Experts


  1. Perfect fit

    I was given an older high end BBQ that needed a little TLC to return it to it’s former self…these burners did the trick. Fit like a glove and saved me the headache of replacing the whole grill!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 16th Sep 2021

  2. Last resort!

    I thought we were going to have to buy a whole new bbq then I found your website and all the parts I needed! So happy!

    Verified Customer Kim Thornhill - 15th Mar 2021

  3. Burners

    Excellent fit. Thanks

    Verified Customer Ronnie M Lutchman - 17th Oct 2020

  4. OCS Burners

    The order was fast and complete. The burners are working great.

    Verified Customer ChrisS - 18th Aug 2020

  5. Fits perfectly

    I searched for a replacement burner for my grill everywhere. Thankfully the good folks at BBQ depot helped me find these. I bought two last year just to make sure they fit and they did perfectly. So I bought the other two this year. The ones I bought last year are still holding up great.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 21st Jun 2020

  6. OCS replacement burners ( 4 )

    The bunners went right in and with a little adjustment, they work real good. Hope these last as long as my original burners did.

    Verified Customer CLYDE JONES - 26th May 2020

  7. Coyote replacement burner

    Purchased this as a replacement for my burnt out coyote burners which did not last very long considering the cost of a coyote grill. These replacement burners fit find and work well and were less expensive. Can’t tell if better quality compared (but look to be good)to the burnt out coyote ones but recommend them based on my first usage. Time will tell if they last

    Verified Customer Dave - 21st Apr 2020

  8. excellent service

    Very goood customer service, timely shipping, all gooood !!!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 15th Aug 2019

  9. Just what I needed

    Looked everywhere for these burners. Fortunately the awesome folks at BBQ depot helped me find exactly what I was looking for. Great product! Exceptional customer service!

    Verified Customer Dana Blackwood - 6th Oct 2018

  10. Out of Date parts

    The service and shipment were very good. I do not order that much but the BBQ reply was very fast and the service rep was courteous.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 29th May 2018

  11. Better than OEM

    Bought 3 of these for a Coyote, CSL36NG Grill. They were a little pricey for aftermarket (C'mon guys!), but I have to admit, they appear to be better than the OEM burners. The steel appears to be a bit thicker and of higher quality. Also, the design is much better in that they only have a rear tab to hold in place, instead of the nut and bolt, which on my grill, were hopelessly corroded and very difficult to remove. When these inevitably fail, they'll lift right out.

    I was concerned that these might work better with propane, as opposed to natural gas, but I needn't have been. These, plus a new set of flavorizers, and my Coyote is grilling like new.

    Verified Customer Lonnie. - 5th Mar 2018

  12. Best $160 spent!

    I recently took my grill apart and cleaned it. I noticed two of my burners were cracked. I ordered 4 from bbqdepot dropped in the nice shiny new ones and the grill fired up like brand new! Money definitely well spent! Hopefully I can get 10 years out of these like I did the original ones.

    Verified Customer Gerry Earl - 28th Nov 2017

  13. High Quality Fit Perfect

    Installed two burners on my Coyote grill. The burners fit perfectly and were easy to install. My Coyote OEM burner had a bolt on the back to hold it in place and the BBQ burner just has a tab but that was the only difference. Was easy to install once I got the old ones out. Worked perfect. Very fast shipping.

    Verified Customer Rob - 29th Jul 2017

  14. Great product

    I bought four of these. Very easy to replace. Took 30 seconds each. Built solid out of stainless steel. Highly recommend this burner.

    Verified Customer gary newman - 18th Jul 2017

  15. OCS Burners

    I purchased five. These worked great. Easy to replace inside grill. Arrived timely

    Verified Customer Unknown - 7th May 2017

  16. Outstanding product and service.

    Ordered 3 and got only 2 and empty box. Missing burner was shipped and installed.
    Thank you
    10 out of 10

    Verified Customer B. Rummer - 8th Mar 2017

  17. Way better than cast iron

    Was not an exact match but I was able to make it work

    Verified Customer Unknown - 7th Mar 2017

  18. OCS replacement burners

    I purchased all three burners, as mine had been corroded beyond repair. The original burners were cast of wither aluminum or iron. The were cracked and rusted and most of the side holes were clogged.

    I had a terrible time finding new burners and was on the verge of dropping $1200 on a replacement BBQ for my island. The OCS unit looks brand new except for the burners and heat grates. It served me well for over 10 years.

    A BBQ repair man told me to try BBQ Depot before I bought a new unit. I was happy to find the replacement burners, which are now stainless steel. I purchased all three for $130. (Product, tax and shipping)

    Installed them in under 15 minutes and fired up the grill. They worked perfectly with no air flow adjustments necessary. They literally popped in and fit like a charm.

    Grilled steaks, chicken and fish within the first week and I'm very happy with the burners. No hot spots or uneven heat.

    The craftsmanship appears to be much better than the original burners. I will test these out at least 75 times between now and the end of summer.

    Verified Customer DH - 22nd May 2016

  19. Good Burners

    Great new burners, but still need a new gas valve for the third burner. Can't find one for my OCS

    Verified Customer Tennyson Tucker - 17th Apr 2016

  20. BURNER

    these only last about 2 years under light use Seems like the should last longer I have replaced 6 burners in 5 years of owning this BBQ

    Verified Customer Unknown - 17th Sep 2014

  21. OCS Replacement burners

    Good replacement burners for my OCS grill. I wish the steel was a bit heavier gauge as the last set of four only lasted about 2 years before burning out although to be fair, I do a lot of grilling. Anyway, they are still pretty good with easy installation and even flame distribution.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 6th Mar 2014

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