Which Grill has the Best Warranty

When evaluating a Grill, one of the key factors is What is the Grill Warranty?

Here we have listed the Major US (except for Napoleon which is Canadian) Gas Grill Brands and their warranties to easily compare product lines.

Keep in mind, Warranties only cover manufacturer defect. Only includes rust, corrosion, oxidation or discoloration, when the part becomes inoperable,. It does not cover not maintaining the grill (including periodic cleaning), accident, misuse or improper installation. 

Brand Burners Cooking Grates Briquette Trays/Flavor Grid Ignition Grill Body Labor
Alfresco Stainless U - Lifetime / Sear Zone - 5 Years  Lifetime  5 Years (excluding Briquettes)  2 Years    Lifetime 2 Years
AOG Stainless U - Lifetime / Sear - 3 Years  10 Years  3 Years   1 Year   10 Years 1 Year 
Artisan Stainless U - 15 Years  10 Years  3 Years (excluding Briquettes)  1 Year  10 Years   N/A
DCS Lifetime  Lifetime  5 Years (excluding Rods)  2 Years  Lifetime  2 Years
Delta Heat Stainless U - Lifetime / Sear - 5 Years  15 Years  5 Years (excluding Briquettes)   1 Year  Lifetime  N/A
FireMagic Cast & Stainless U - Lifetime / Sear - 5 Years  Lifetime  5 Years  1 Year  Lifetime  1 Year
Lynx  Ceramic and Trident - Lifetime  Lifetime  5 Years (excluding Briquettes)  2 Years  Lifetime  1 Year
MHP (WNK, JNR)  Stainless H - Lifetime  Lifetime  5 Years (including Briquettes)  1 Year  Lifetime  N/A
Napoleon Prestige  Lifetime  Lifetime 15 Years   15 Years  Lifetime N/A 
Sedona by Lynx  Stainless U and Prosear - Lifetime  Lifetime  5 Years (excluding Briquettes)  1 Year  Lifetime  1 Year
Solaire (Full Size Grills)  Infrared - Lifetime  Lifetime  N/A  2 Years  Lifetime  90 Days
TEC  10 Years  10 Years  Glass Radiant - 1 Year  1 Year  Lifetime  N/A
Twin Eagles  Stainless U - Lifetime / Sear - 5 Years   Lifetime   5 Years (excluding Briquettes)  2 Years  Lifetime  90 Days

All warranty claims must be made through the manufacturer. It is very important that you register your product. 

Warranties are for ORIGINAL purchaser only. So, if you purchase a home that has an existing grill, the warranty does not apply.

Warranties are only as good as a manufacturer remaining in business this is why we feel that knowing how long the Brand has been in business manufacturing grill products is important.



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