Since 1996, American-made Lynx Grills have represented the pinnacle of backyard cooking. The Lynx brand started small, focusing on crafting a perfect grill rather than expanding its catalog with subpar products—and it paid off. Today, Lynx grills are renowned for their sleek design, durable craftsmanship, exceptional heat generation and cooking options, and lifetime warranties on essential parts. It’s not hard to see why Lynx is one of our team’s favorite brands.

The Lynx Difference: Features, Advantages, & Considerations

Why we recommend Lynx Grills:

  • Sleek, durable, stainless steel construction
  • Various burner options, including exclusive cast ceramic burners, at no additional cost
  • 25,000 BTUs per burner for searing hot temperatures
  • Two luxury-quality product lines to better meet your needs
  • Great customer service and support
  • Lifetime warranty on essential parts, including burners & cooking grates

Lynx Grills offer two product lines: Professional and Sedona. The Professional series has been described as the “king of grills”—and we can’t argue. Though pricier than many options, a Lynx Professional grill offers a rotisserie kit, smoker box, LED lighting, and top-of-the-line heat generation via exclusive, self-cleaning cordierite ceramic burners. The more affordable Sedona grill still offers excellent features, including a powerful (23,000 BTU) stainless steel U burner, single-speed rotisserie kit, and internal lighting for nighttime grilling.

Things to consider

  • Higher price
  • Might be too involved for some home grillers
  • Ceramic burner can be fragile

I.Q. Learning Center

Lynx is one of our favorite grilling brands, and for good reason. Read more about our love for these quality grills.

Want to take a deep dive into the Lynxbrand? Check out our in-depth review of the ins and outs of the Professional and Sedona series grills.

Not sure if you want to replace your burner with an OEM or aftermarket part? We’ve compared the two to help you decide.

Lynx Grills FAQs

How long does a Lynx grill last?

Lynx grills are built in the USA using commercial-grade components, ensuring years of quality cooking.Lynx ceramic burners are self-cleaning, removing some of the hassles of maintenance. Many parts are covered by a lifetime warranty, including burners and cooking grates, so you can expect a well-maintainedLynx grill to last several decades.

Why should I buy a Lynx grill?

Lynx grills are celebrated for their quality and performance, making Lynx one of our favorite grill brands here at the BBQ Depot®. We love the commercial-grade components,powerful ceramic burners, and the generous warranties they offer on their parts. These grills are top-of-the-line in every category.

Are Lynx grills made in the USA?

Yes, Lynx grills are all made in the USA. When you buy a Lynx grill, you can rely on quality components and a commitment to excellence that you don’t get from some international manufacturers. Plus, it’s easier to acquire replacement parts for a grill manufactured in the US.

Can an expert at the BBQ Depot help me decide which Lynx grill is best for me?

We would love to! Our experts are standing by to help you pick out the best grill for you. We are available by phone or through online chat to talk through your grill options. We’ll review the various size options that Lynx offers, give you the details about ceramic and stainless steel burner options, and help you determine if you want a freestanding or built-in model. To get a head start, check out our in-depth comparison of Lynx grills here.

Can I get financing for my Lynx grill?

Yes, you can. The BBQ Depot makesfinancing easy, with a simple application process, low monthly payments, and quick approval. Read more about financing here.

Does the BBQ Depot offer price matching for Lynx grills?

Yes, the BBQ Depot does offer price matching for our Lynx girls. If you’ve found a better price online, pleasesend us the information. If the price is from a valid competitor, we’ll happily match it.


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