The focal point of any outdoor area is the grill. Lynx Professional Gas Grills not only some of the most beautifully crafted appliances but, they are manufactured in the US and are available in built-in or on a freestanding cart units. There are 5 sizes to choose : L27, L30, L36, L42 and L54 along with various burner combinations including all cast ceramic burners, ceramic and trident and all trident burners at no additional cost.

These grills have 25,000 BTU's per burner and reach searing hot temperatures. Lynx has one of the most impressive warranties in the market. Lifetime warranty on important parts including burners and cooking grates. Beautiful Blue LED lights and a sleek design, these grills are engineered to last.

Lynx Grill Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Exclusive Cast Ceramic Burner
  • High Quality Commercial Quality Equipment
  • Lifetime Warranty on many Parts
  • Amazing Customer Service and Support

The Lynx Exclusive Cast Ceramic Burner is made of durable Cordiarite Ceramic that is structurally optimal for thermal shock resistance. This is the only burner on the marketplace where there is No Port Hole Cleaning Required. The Indirect combustion ports are concealed from drippings.The gas ports will never clog thus always allowing for clean and unobstructed combustion.

This burner self cleans when it is on by vaporizing drippings.This keeps the radiating properties of the burner from inhibiting its delivery of consistent heat.

This Burner burns hotter, more even and more consistent than any burner on the market! The Pre-refracting ceramic distributes intense heat before reaching it even reaches the briquettes, resulting in even and radiating heat across cooking surface. Ceramic burns much hotter and refracts more efficiently than any metal (think Ceramic Kamado Grills) and yet cools faster.

Lynx is committed to incorporating the same high standards used for commercial restaurant kitchen products — quality materials, fine craftsmanship and innovation — into their collection of luxury outdoor kitchen products and accessories for the consumer.

Before you purchase your Lynx Grill read our Infographic on the Top 3 Luxury Grill Comparison

Lynx Professional Grill Brochure

Why choose us?

We have been a Lynx Authorized Dealer for Both Grills and Service since the Brand was introduced over 18 years ago!

No one knows the history of these grills better than us, their quality has stood the test of time! Should you need parts including burners, prosear, briquette trays or ignition? we are here to help troubleshoot every Lynx Grill from the current to original LBQ models.

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