Since 1996, Lynx Professional Grills have been the focal point of thousands of backyards. They are not only some of the most beautifully crafted appliances but, they are manufactured in the US and are available in built-in or on a freestanding cart units.

Lynx grills are renowned for their traditional sleek design, durable craftsmanship, exceptional heat generation and cooking options, and lifetime warranties on essential parts. It’s not hard to see why Lynx is one of our all time favorite brands.

There are 4 sizes to choose : L30, L36, L42 and L54 along with various burner combinations including all cast ceramic burners, ceramic and trident and all trident burners at no additional cost.

Lynx Grill Features

  • 25,000 BTUs per burner for searing hot temperatures (23,000 for Trident)
  • Hot Surface Ignition
  • Ceramic Briquettes for even heat distribution
  • Lifetime warranty on select parts, including burners & cooking grates
  • Two luxury-quality product lines to better meet your needs
  • Wide Range of Accompanying Products for Your Outdoor Kitchen
  • Amazing Customer Service and Support

The Lynx Exclusive Cast Ceramic Burner is made of durable Cordiarite Ceramic that is structurally optimal for thermal shock resistance. This is the only burner on the marketplace where there is No Port Hole Cleaning Required. The Indirect combustion ports are concealed from drippings. The gas ports will never clog thus always allowing for clean and unobstructed combustion.

This burner self cleans when it is on by vaporizing drippings. This keeps the radiating properties of the burner from inhibiting its delivery of consistent heat.

This Burner burns hotter, more even and more consistent than any burner on the market! The Pre-refracting ceramic distributes intense heat before reaching it even reaches the briquettes, resulting in even and radiating heat across cooking surface. Ceramic burns much hotter and refracts more efficiently than any metal (think Ceramic Kamado Grills) and yet cools faster.

Additional luxury features include hot surface electrically driven ignition, rotisserie, smoker box and beautiful blue LED lighting.

Lynx Grills offer two product lines: Professional and Sedona. The Professional series is the top of the line series they manufacture. The more affordable Sedona grill still offers excellent features, including a powerful (23,000 BTU) stainless steel U burner, single-speed rotisserie kit, and internal lighting for nighttime grilling.

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Lynx is one of our favorite grilling brands, and for good reason. Read more about our love for these quality grills.

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Are Lynx Grills worth the price?

We believe so! We have been selling these grills since they were introduced. They are built and designed to last a lifetime! Using commercial-grade components, this ensures years of quality cooking. Many parts are covered by a lifetime warranty, including burners and cooking grates, so you can expect a well-maintained Lynx grill to last several decades. Even parts that are not covered by Lynx’s lifetime warranties are variously covered by one, two, and five year warranties that guarantee them against defects in workmanship. Most Lynx grills also feature durable construction from 304 stainless steel that is not only physically tough but extremely corrosion resistant. Plus, Replacement Parts are readily available and BBQ Depot has the largest stock of Lynx Parts available.

Lynx grills are celebrated for their quality and performance, making them one of our favorite grill brands here at the BBQ Depot. We love the commercial-grade components, powerful ceramic burners, and the generous warranties they offer on their parts. These grills are top-of-the-line in every category. If you are building an outdoor kitchen, there is a huge array of accompanying appliances and accessories.

Who makes Lynx Grills?

In 2015, Lynx grills were acquired by Middleby Residential (the same company that owns Viking) and are manufactured in the USA. When you buy a Lynx grill, you can rely on quality and commitment to excellence in manufacturing. 

Why should I buy a Lynx Grill?

When nothing but the best will do, Lynx will be the first brand to look at. They are engineered to withstand the elements and have been proving this since 1996. Lynx grills allow you to achieve the perfect level of heat with precise temperature control. Lynx grills also use ceramic burners (which are more corrosion resistant than steel) as well as ceramic briquettes that ensure even heat distribution. Some also feature infrared burners that can produce the perfect sear. Whether you're searing steaks or grilling vegetables you will get consistent and even heat distribution for excellent cooking results. In addition Lynx produces a wide range of other products and accessories that support the “Lynx Life” and outdoor cooking, including but not limited to Asado cooktops, side burners, warming drawers, and even outdoor ovens.

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Why choose us?

We have been a Lynx Authorized Dealer for Both Grills and Service since the Brand was introduced over 20 years ago!

No one knows the history of these grills better than us, their quality has stood the test of time! We are here to help you pick out the best model to fit your needs and backyard. We'll review the various size options and features that Lynx offers, give you the details about ceramic and stainless steel burner options, and help you determine if you want a freestanding or built-in model. To get a head start, check out our Review of Lynx grills here.

Should you need parts including burners, prosear, briquette trays or ignition? we are here to help troubleshoot every Lynx Grill from the current to original LBQ models.

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