The Best 36" Inch Outdoor Kitchen Grills -- For Every Budget

You have designed your outdoor kitchen and now you are in the market for a Built-in Grill. You have decided that 36" outdoor appliance would be the best size.

This size grill would have an overall width of 36" from left to right. It is the perfect size for a family of 4-6 as well as the occasional outdoor cookout party.

This is also the perfect size grill to have a sear burner. Most brands, have 2 open flame burners and one sear burner.

Unfortunately, there are not that many options in this size, but those that are available are manufactured by the best manufacturers in the industry!

We will cover 3 different Price ranges in this blog post :

Budget Friendly (under $2300), Affordable Luxury (under $3200), and Luxury ($4000 and over)

All of the Grills we mention are available in a Freestanding models if you are not in the market for a Built-in.

We chose not to include imported grills as they generally do not offer a 36" model and cannot compare in quality, safety and features of a US manufacturer.

Budget Friendly

These grills may be budget friendly though they do not compromise in quality or warranty.

1. The AOG (American Outdoor Grill) 36" Grill (without rotisserie back-burner -00SP)

AOG 36 Built-in Grill

The AOG 36" three burner grill is anything but basic. It features all 304 stainless steel construction on the firebox as well as the burners, vaporizer panels, cooking grids, and warming rack. The cooking grids are stainless Diamond Sear cooking grids (like in the FireMagic). This means more food to surface contact. This grill boasts a powerful 50,000 total main burner BTUs.

The large Analog hood thermometer reads temperatures up to 1000° F. The hood easy cushion lid bumpers on the front and back.

Best of all, it is manufactured by the legendary RH Peterson who manufactures FireMagic and Real Fyre Gas Logs.

The T series features a Rapid Light” piezo ignition system so no electricity or batteries required.

The L series features back-lit knobs and interior lights as well as electronic ignition. 

AOG warrants their stainless burners for the lifetime of the original owner!

2. The Artisan American Eagle 36" Grill

Artisan American Eagle 36" Built-in Grill

The Artisan American Eagle Grill is a powerful, Made in the USA, Grill at a Budget friendly price. This Brand is manufactured by Alfresco. It features 3 stainless steel U burners with 20,000 BTUs per Burner (60,000 total). The ignition is powered by a 9 volt battery. Self cleaning specially shaped pyramid briquettes have a heat-holding cavity on underside delivers intense even heat to the cooking surface. Simply turn the locking Radiant tray over and fire burners on high with lid closed to self-clean. There are no lights and no rotisserie on the American Eagle series.

Add an optional Sear Zone for intense caramelizing flavor. You can swap your U burner for the infrared sear zone at anytime!

This grill features luxury high end construction with an extremely budget friendly price. Artisan offers a 15 year warranty on their burners.

Affordable Luxury

Two high quality grills to look at. The Artisan and the Sedona by Lynx.

1. The Artisan Professional 36" Built-in Grill

Artisan ARTP Professional 36" Built-in Grill

The Artisan Professional offers all the bells and whistles of luxury grills. It has all the features of the American Eagle but, it also has beautiful back-lit knobs, interior lights and a rotisserie back-burner. A 110V electronic ignition powers the grill. You can also swap one of the U burners for an  infrared sear zone.

2. Sedona by Lynx L600

Sedona by Lynx L600 36" Built-in Grill

The Sedona by Lynx is the most powerful grill in the affordable luxury class. It features three stainless U burners at 23,000 BTUs per burner for a total of 69,000. You can get this grill with an optional prosear burner at no additional charge.

These grills do not have a rotisserie back-burner. We always say... "if you have not used this type of feature in the past, you probably will not begin to". The ignition is powered by electricity. It has a super cool battery backup feature in the event of a loss of power. There are beautiful blue back-lit knobs. The grill radiates it powerful heat through the use of a ceramic briquette heat distribution system. This grill so closely resembles the look of its parent, Lynx Professional, that you can mix Lynx and Sedona accessories to create a true luxury outdoor kitchen.

This grill is offered in a rotisserie model in both 3 stainless U burners as well as 2 stainless U burners and prosear.

Sedona by Lynx offers lifetime warranty on its burners (both U and prosear).

DCS has a 36" grill at a decent price point. At $3999


A luxury outdoor appliance will provide you with a world class cooking experience.

These grills have all the features you can dream of with the power of the industries highest BTU per burner. In addition, these manufacturers have an extensive line of outdoor cooking accessories including - pizza ovens, griddles, power and side burners and amazing storage solutions.

1. Top on our list is the: Lynx 36" Grill

Lynx Professional 36" Built-in Grill

This three burner grill is offered in 3 configurations:

1. 3 cast ceramic burners
2. 2 cast ceramic burners and one trident
3. All trident burners

The cast ceramic burner is unlike any grill burner on the market. It not only self cleans, it creates the most consistent cooking experience. Ceramic Briquette trays evenly distributes the 25,000 BTUs evenly across your cooking surface. (The Trident Burner has 23,000 BTUs).

The look of this appliance is sleek and sexy. Put it together with the Asado Griddle, Power Burner and Pizza oven and you will create a chefs dream kitchen!

The electronically powered hot surface ignition is one of the most reliable in the industry. With an industry best warranty coupled with the most outstanding customer service, Lynx Tops our list. We have been a Lynx Dealer since the grill was introduced over 18 years ago. There is no dealer who knows more about these grills and can offer troubleshooting tips and genuine parts!

2. The Firemagic Aurora 790 or Echelon 790

Firemagic Echelon E790i Built-in Grill

Both are incredible luxury appliances. Manufactured by the RH Peterson company, both Grills feature their exclusive Cast Stainless E Burners that weigh 12 lbs and are guaranteed for life. They both use the diamond sear cooking grates.

What sets these two grills apart is the Echelon's sleek beautiful lines and contoured control panel along with and state of the art features including a reliable 110v hot surface ignition, back lit knobs, and an optional Magic View Window.

These outdoor appliances have 5 Unique ways to cook - grill, sear, smoke, rotisserie cook and even charcoal grill. 

Along with Lynx, FireMagic has a comprehensive appliance selection to put together a chefs inspired outdoor kitchen.

Fire Magic's Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

They also have a great warranty - lifetime on the burners, cooking grates and firebox.

3. The Alfresco ALXE-36

Alfresco ALXE-36 Built-in Grill

Manufactured in the USA, this grill has 3 burners and is offered in 2 configurations - 3 Stainless U Burners or 2 Stainless U Burners and a Sear Zone. Beautiful amber back lit control panel lights sets the mood for your outdoor evening. Alfresco's unique ceramic briquettes are locked into place allowing you to self clean simply by turning the trays over and turning the burners on high. Ignition is powered by a 110v electricity. 

Lifetime warranty on burners, cooking grates and firebox.

4. Twin Eagles TEBQ36

Twin Eagles TEBQ36 Built-in Grill

This ultra luxe three burner grill is available in 3 different configurations - 3 U burners with or without rotisserie back-burner and 2 U burners with a sear burner and rotisserie back-burner.

What we love about Twin Eagles is the sleek sexy design and that you can purchase a sear zone kit and swap out a U burner any time you want juicy caramelized food. Twin Eagles uses a hexagon shaped cooking grate that like Fire Magic's Diamond Sear, this creates more food to surface contact. Twin Eagles offers some really cool accessories to complete your outdoor kitchen. We love the  Dine & Breakfast griddle/side burner combo.

Choose a Sedona by Lynx Island PackageAlfresco Grill Package or a Twin Eagles 36" Outdoor Appliance Package that will be the centerpiece of your backyard.

Whichever category your budget falls, you cannot go wrong with any of the grills we have mentioned. We should know, as we have been servicing and selling grills in the South Florida area since 1956, and only give our customers quality recommendations.

We not only sell the grills but we service them. If you should have an issue with your grill, call us up and we can help troubleshoot.

If you need assistance putting together a well thought out, functioning outdoor kitchen package, call our experts at 877-983-0451.

by Tracy Hollander on 13th Feb 2019
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