How to Find Alfresco Grill Parts (and Grills)

Alfresco 42" Built in Grill

Alfresco grills represent some of the best quality the market has to offer. Known for their longevity and durability, Alfresco grills are favorites among backyard grillers and professional chefs alike.

Even the most durable and luxury grills require some routine maintenance and overtime, an occasional replacement part. In fact, if you properly care for your Alfresco gas grill, briquette trays, for example, should last at least 5 years and perhaps even 10 for those who meticulously clean their grill.

At BBQ Depot, we stock a wide variety of Alfresco grill parts, and we even stock parts for discontinued Alfresco grills.

And, if you need something that’s not in our inventory of Alfresco BBQ grill parts, don’t worry—as an authorized service representative for Alfresco, we can order any part you need.

To locate your grill model and serial number, pull your grease try forward and look for the information sticker under the tray. If your sticker has warn off, do not worry, we can help you figure it out! 

Here are some common replacement parts, Alfresco’s three grill series, and why an Alfresco grill could be the perfect tool for your next backyard barbecue.

Replacement Alfresco Grill Parts

While we’re breaking Alfresco replacement parts down into popular categories here, remember that there are some parts that aren’t easily placed into categories. If you don’t see something you need, please search the website using the search bar at the top of the page, or give us a call. We can help you find what you’re looking for.

Alfresco Burners

Alfresco Grill Replacement U Burners

Alfresco offers two main types of burners — the stainless steel U-burner and the infrared sear burner. Alfresco grills contain at least one of each, and many models feature both.

When you’re shopping for a replacement burner for your Alfresco grill, take note of your grill series. Being aware of your grill series will help ensure you purchase the correct replacement parts.

Alfresco’s first series — the AGBQ grill — uses a bracket on the bottom of the firebox to hold the burner in place, while Alfresco’s later models — the ALX2 and ALXE series — have a bracket at the back of the firebox. Therefore, the grill you own determines whether or not you need to purchase a burner with a replacement bracket. Note : A AGBQ burner will work on the ALX2 & ALXE grills. This is because the back of U sits in a higher bracket at the back of the grill. You would just ignore the bottom bracket.

The BBQ Depot currently stocks the following burners and burner-related parts for Alfresco grills:

  • ALX2 and ALXE main burner assembly (U-burner)
  • AGBQ main burner assembly (U-burner)
  • AGBQ, ALX2, and AXLE infrared sear zone burner
  • Smoker Burners for all Series
  • AGBQ and ALX2 infrared sear zone burner screen

We offer both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts where available. While you can save some money on aftermarket parts, they’re not always the best choice for your grill. This is because not all parts are available in the aftermarket so you do not want to just buy a cheap replacement. These include sear zone burners and smoker burners where OEM is your only option so keeping them clean will extend the life of these parts.

For example, one of the aftermarket aftermarket burners for the AGBQ does not come with a bracket to hold it in place. While this aftermarket burner fits perfectly in the ALX2 and ALXE models (which don’t require a burner bracket), they’re a bit wobbly in the AGBQ (see the above image).

There are (2) aftermarket AGBQ Burners that come with the bracket. The main difference between these two is one is made of 304 stainless steel and is imported and the other is Made in the USA using the same high heat metal content. We always suggest going with the USA Made Burner. You did invest in a quality product, we feel the US made burner is superior and you can use it on all the series of grills!

You can purchase any stle replacement burners from BBQ Depot.

As always, if you’re not sure how to determine which Alfresco grill parts you need, our experts are happy to help.

Alfresco Briquettes and Trays

Alfresco Briquette Tray with lock bar 510-0677

Alfresco grills feature a top-of-the-line heat distribution system made of three components:

  1. Briquette trays
  2. Ceramic briquettes
  3. Lock bars

The briquette tray sits above the U-burner, separating your grilling surface from the open flame.

In the older AGBQ model, the briquette trays have small holes on each end, with pegs inside the grill locking them into place. In the ALX2 and ALXE models, however, the briquette tray simply sits on a ledge. Looking for holes in the briquette tray you need to replace is an excellent way to determine your grill’s model.

The ceramic briquettes lay on top of the briquette tray, circulating and conserving the heat from the burner’s open flame. The briquettes also improve the flavor of your food by vaporizing drippings, creating mouth-watering aromas. All Alfresco grills use the same signature “A” briquettes.

Second Generation LX2 and ALXE Alfresco grills have locking bars that hold the briquettes in place. These bars are screwed in between each row of ceramic briquettes, and they serve two critical purposes:

  1. They keep the briquettes from moving around during grilling or transport.
  2. They make Alfresco’s self-cleaning feature possible.

With well-secured lock bars, grillers can simply remove their briquette tray, replace it with the briquettes facing down, and turn their burner on high to clean the entire surface of the system. This easy-to-clean heat distribution system is one of the best on the market. Unfortunately, these trays for the 30, 42 and 56 are only available in OEM. If you can live without the lock bars you can use the tray alone which is offered in Aftermarket. The aftermarket with locking bars is for the 36”.

Just like Alfresco replacement burners, BBQ Depot stocks both OEM and aftermarket trays and briquettes. Aftermarket briquettes are less expensive, and grillers can choose between a pack of 28 or a pack of 48. For OEM die-hards, Alfresco Briquettes are available with their signature "A" embossed in them.

Grillers can purchase replacement trays for their Alfresco and are sold individually, depending on the size of your grill and if your grill has a sear zone will determine the quantity of trays you need. Note: You do not put any trays on top of the sear zone burner.

Alfresco Cooking Grids

Alfresco sells two types of replacement cooking grids for all of its grills — standard cylindrical grates for grills with U-burners and sear zone cooking grates which are channeled for grills with infrared sear burners.

BBQ Depot stocks both varieties of grids, and we carry parts to match all four Alfresco grill sizes:

  • 30-inch
  • 36-inch
  • 42-inch
  • 56-inch

Grid prices vary significantly based on their size. We offer standard grids that range from the low $100’s not the high $300’s. Aftermarket parts represent the lower end of the spectrum, while OEM grids are pricier. Sear zone burners cost between mid to high $300’s.

Not sure which size grill you have, or which grid size will fit your grill best? Drop us a line, and we can help you find the perfect replacement for your Alfresco grill.

Alfresco Ignition Parts

Alfresco Main Burner Electrode

Alfresco’s goal has always been “providing the most refined grilling experience possible.” Motivated by forward-thinking values, Alfresco is always modernizing its grilling technologies, and its ignition systems are no exception.

Before purchasing Alfresco BBQ grill parts for your ignition system, you’ll have to do some homework about your specific grill series and model:

  • The first generation AGBQ grills used a push-button ignition powered by a AA battery. But, later models used a 9-V battery to power a two- or four-spark igniter module.
  • The ALX2 used either 9-V batteries or electronic ignition depending on the year of manufacture. Serial Numbers starting with 10-99999 & Lower used a 9 volt battery ignition while 11-00000 & Forward used an electric ignition.
  • In the ALXE, the ignition is completely electronic.

Not only do you need to determine your model, but you also have to find out which of Alfresco’s ignition systems it uses. If you removed the front control panel to reveal the ignition parts and were left scratching your head, give us a call. We can help you determine which ignition system you have and help you order the correct replacement parts.

BBQ Depot stocks countless Alfresco ignition parts, but each part generally falls into one of a few categories:

  • Igniter modules 
  • Electrodes 
  • Igniter switches 
  • Wires and wiring harnesses 
  • Igniter shields 

If you don’t see the part you need, we can order it for you — either from an aftermarket supplier or straight from the manufacturer.

Alfresco Valves and Orifices

Alfresco Gas Grill Orifices

Alfresco grills are known for their longevity and durability, so you may never have to replace a valve or orifice for your grill. But, if you choose to modify your grill or convert it from natural gas to propane (or vice versa), The BBQ Depot has the parts to help you get the job done.

We have the following valves in stock:

  • Natural gas angled valves
  • Propane angled valves
  • Sear zone valves
  • Smoker burner valves
  • Side burner valves
  • Main burner valves

We also carry conversion kits to convert your orifices from propane to natural gas or natural gas to propane. 

Alfresco Accessories

Alfresco Griddle Accessory for Grills

In addition to a full array of replacement parts, we also stock Alfresco grill accessories. While some enhance your grilling experience or add a new level of refinement to your cuisine, others extend the life of your grill.

You can turn your backyard into a four-star restaurant with some of Alfresco’s chef-inspired tools:

Some accessories transform your grill into an all-in-one outdoor kitchen:

While shopping for accessories, don’t forget the most important tool that every grill master needs — a high-quality grill cover. Luckily, with Alfresco covers for built-in and cart models are included in every grill purchase. If you shuld need a replacement, The BBQ Depot is here to help you keep your grill clean, rust-free, and protected from the elements (and unwanted critters). If you want to keep your grill in good shape, covers are a must.

Alfresco AGBQ Replacement Parts

The first Alfresco grill — the AGBQ — redefined backyard grilling. The first company to combine luxury culinary equipment with traditional grill technology, Alfresco remains at the forefront of innovative, chef-inspired grill manufacturing.

The AGBQ grill was the first to feature an exterior rotisserie, setting it apart from its contemporaries. To this day, the AGBQ is one of the most durable, easiest to repair grills on the market.

The BBQ Depot has been servicing Alfresco grills since their debut, and we’ve compiled all of our stocked parts for the AGBQ in one convenient place. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, consult our AGBQ Grill Parts Breakdown, which details all parts for every AGBQ model.

There were five AGBQ models: AGBQ-30, AGBQ-30SZ, AGBQ-42, AGBQ-42SZ, and AGBQ-56. Our parts breakdown lists the appropriate parts for each model, and if there’s more than one part option for a model, we list it. Parts include:

  • Burners
  • Cooking grids
  • Briquette trays
  • Spark generators
  • Electrodes
  • Knobs

Our breakdown makes it easier than ever to determine which Alfresco grill parts correspond to your model and find each part on our website. Each part is hyperlinked to an individual page detailing the specifications, price, and stock status of that item.

The breakdown is an excellent resource for Alfresco grillers, especially for AGBQ model owners. We have the parts to keep your grill running for years to come.

Alfresco ALX2 Replacement Parts

Despite forging headlong into the future of grilling, Alfresco kept the rotisserie feature on its next grill series, the ALX2. But, this new series also ushered in changes to the ignition.

There are models in the ALX2 series: Grills with serial numbers 10-99999 and lower have 9-volt battery-powered ignitions, while serial numbers 11-00000 and above feature electronic ignition.

While you’ll have to check your serial number or disassemble your ignition system to confirm which power source you have, you won’t have to search high and low for ALX2 parts on our website—we’ve compiled them all in one convenient location for easy browsing.

We offer countless replacement parts, including:

  • Briquette trays
  • Knobs
  • Ignition switch caps
  • Electrodes
  • Infrared sear burners and U-burners
  • Hood thermometers
  • Replacement glass for grill lights and light assemblies
  • Cooking grids
  • Rotisserie components
  • Warming racks
  • Carts and casters

While you can browse all of our stocked replacement parts on the ALX2 replacement parts page, we’re also happy to order any parts that you can’t find on our website. Reach out to us, and let us know what you need.

Why We Love Alfresco Grills

Why do we love Alfresco Grills? Besides being a beautifully crafted and well thought out grill, being hand crafted (in many aspects) and Made in Southern California, it remains the easiest grill to repair to date!

While we stock countless Alfresco BBQ grill parts, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to make many repairs to any Alfresco grill — they’re the perfect combination of luxury and durability, and that’s one of the reasons why we and people love them.

Alfresco’s current series, ALXE, represents the best of the best grills on the market today. Redefining luxury grilling, the ALXE and its corresponding accessories provide 15 ways to cook: grilling, searing, frying, braising, roasting, and more. The Alfresco is, simply put, not your grandfather’s grill.

While it touts all the bells and whistles, your grandfather would have loved that the Alfresco is entirely American-made and constructed from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel. The endless features of the ALXE aren’t a distraction from flimsy materials or subpar craftsmanship — Alfresco delivers quality, versatility, and durability every time.

Alfresco’s innovation, luxury, quality, and durability aren’t the only qualities that set it apart from the competition. An Alfresco grill makes a perfect cornerstone for any outdoor kitchen design.

If you can think of an outdoor kitchen feature, Alfresco has it.

Alfresco’s outdoor kitchen accessories include:

  • Sinks and beverage centers for the perfect patio bar
  • Doors and drawers for storing utensils, plates, and ingredients
  • Commercial Style Refrigeration (no more trudging back and forth from the house)
  • Versa Burner - They are the only manufacturer to create a power stle burner that you can wok, griddle, saute and more!
  • Side burners to turn your grill into an all-in-one cooking station
  • Pull-out trash cans
  • Food warmers
  • Pizza ovens

You read that correctly: pizza ovens. They truly thought of everything.

If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen design that will be the envy of the neighborhood, start with an Alfresco grill. If you don’t know where to go from there, our outdoor kitchen design experts can help. We’ve curated over 1,000 unique outdoor kitchens across the country, and we’re ready to help you create a luxury cooking experience in your own backyard.

Alfresco is a fan favorite — with equal parts refinement, innovation, and durability, it’s unmatched in the grilling industry.

Finding the Alfresco Grill Parts You Need

If you’re on the hunt for a specific Alfresco grill part, BBQ Depot is here to take the hassle out of your search. Instead of sifting through bidding sites and aftermarket manufacturers, let our experts help you find the exact part you’re looking for.

At The BBQ Depot, we’re all about grilling — we know grilling technology, brands, parts, and cooking techniques like the back of our hands, and we want to spread the love of grilling to every home in the country.

To help us reach that goal, we’ve compiled a command center of grilling tips and tricks in our I.Q. Learning Center. Covering everything from properly caring for your gas grill to quick cleaning tips, the I.Q. Learning Center is guaranteed to teach you something new about grilling.

Whether you need help with a part, want to buy a new grill, or simply want advice on the perfect chicken marinade, give us a call today. We’re excited to be a part of your grilling journey!

by Tracy Hollander on 31st Dec 2021
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