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Alfresco is always on the forefront of modernizing their grilling technology. Their ignition system is certainly one of these components. Early Alfresco AGBQ Grills used a AA Battery push button ignition then they moved onto the 9 volt two or four spark module (depending on the grill) ALX2 used both 9v Battery and electronic ignition (depending on the year) and now in the ALXE, the ignition system is completely electronic. Additional Info Below.

How To Locate the ignition on my Alfresco AGBQ Grill

Video Breakdown. In order to change the battery, replace the spark generator or replace igniter wires on your Alfresco AGBQ (and first generation LX2) Gas Grill you will need to:

  1. Remove the knobs from the grill 
  2. Remove the Front Control Panel (on the first generation LX2 there was a cooling curtain in the control panel and it lifted up)
  3. If you are replacing the spark generator, you will have to remove the screws from the bracket
  4. If you are replacing the battery, you will simply unscrew the battery cap 
  5. The igniter wires plug into the bottom of the spark generator 
  6. If you need to replace the electrodes you will need to remove the cooking grates and briquettes trays. Then unplug the igniter wires from the spark generator and feed the wires through the fire box.

How To change the igniter electrode in an ALXE:

  1. Remove the cooking grates and set aside
  2. Remove the Briquette trays and set aside
  3. Use a Philips Head Screw Driver to remove the Collector Box and set aside
  4. Unscrew the electrode from the firebox
  5. Pull the electrode out of the wire
  6. Replace with new electrode
  7. Mount back to the front of the firebox
  8. Reinstall the collector box
  9. Check to be sure you get a spark
  10. Reinstall the cooking grates and briquette trays

How To change the ignition battery in your AGBQ and second generation (2011 and forward) LX2 Grills:

  1. Remove the drip tray.
  2. Underneath the drip tray will be a black round battery cap you unscrew and replace your battery.
  3. In the first generation LX2 Grills (2010 and lower), your grill had a cooling front control panel. You simply lift up the front control and tilt towards you. The battery caps will be located on the right of the grill in all model grills and the 42 & 56 have a left as well.

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