Charbroil Brass Twin-valve Assembly - 37600

RRP: $65.95 (You save $21.00)

Sold Individually

3" Distance between venturi tubes 

5000-9000 Series

Manufactured In 1999 and Before

Fits Charbroil Models : BP4635803  BP4636823  BP4637815 Series 100  BP4637816, GG5010, GG5020, GG5020-1, GG5021, GG5021-1, GG5022, GG5023, GG5023-1, GG5024, GG5025, GG5025-1, GG5029-1, GG5121, GG6020, GG6020-1, GG6021, GG6021-1, GG6022, GG6023, GG6023-1, GG6025, GG6025-1, GG6120, GG6122, GG6124, GG6126, GG7024, GG7030, GG7030-1, GG7031, GG7031-1, GG7032, GG7032-1, GG7033-1, GG7034-1, GG7035, GG7036, GG7037, GG7037-1, GG7056, GG7121, GG7131, GG7132, GG7136, GG7230, GG7231, GG7232, GG7233, GG7234, GG7235, GG7236, GG7237, GG7271, GG7273, GG7274, GG7275, GG7276, GG7277, GG7278, GG8030, GG8030-1, GG8031-1, GG8032, GG8037, GG8041, GG8041-1, GG8042, GG8043, GG8044, GG8045, GG8046, GG8046-1, GG8048, GG8049, GG8055, GG8056, GG8056-1, GG8057, GG8060, GG8060-1, GG8132, GG8133, GG8134, GG8136, GG8137, GG8138, GG8140, GG8144, GG8145, GG8147, GG8170, GG8171, GG8172, GG8173, GG8174, GG8230, GG8233, GG8234, GG8235, GG8236, GG8237, GG8238, GG8240, GG8270, GG8271, GG8272, GG8273, GG8276, GG8277, GG8278, GG8279, GG9042, GG9043, GG9044, GG9048, GG9049, GG9056, GG9057, GG9058, GG9059, GG9060, GG9061, GG9142, GG9144, GG9149, GG9161, GG9171, GG9172, GG9173, GG9175, GG9176, GG9177, GG9240, GG9241, GG9272, GG9273, GG9274, GG9275, GG9276, GG9277


Orifice Not Included

Use Original or 11/32-32  - Can use with Replacement Orifice 33200

Consists Valves 38500 and 38600 Manifold 34100.

Includes Left and Right Valve and Manifold.

This valve have a 45° angle

This item is not an original manufacturer part

Can use Knobs 01800 or 02342 


D = 12

8 mm Stem

To ensure you choose the correct replacement valve for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.



  1. REVIEW TWIN ASSEMBLY VALVES 37600 Charbroil Brass Twin-valve Assembly - 37600 Star Rating

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2017

    The part arrived on time and in good shape. It was for a very old Char Broil but fit okay with minor modifications to the grill. Only problem: You should have sent the two #10 x 24 screws along with it. Required an additional trip to the hardware store.

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