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  • Brass twin valve assembly
  • Charbroil Brass Twin-valve Assembly

Charbroil Brass Twin-valve Assembly | 37600

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Sold Individually

3" Distance between venturi tubes 

5000-9000 Series

Manufactured In 1999 and Before

Fits Charbroil Models : BP4635803  BP4636823  BP4637815 Series 100  BP4637816, GG5010, GG5020, GG5020-1, GG5021, GG5021-1, GG5022, GG5023, GG5023-1, GG5024, GG5025, GG5025-1, GG5029-1, GG5121, GG6020, GG6020-1, GG6021, GG6021-1, GG6022, GG6023, GG6023-1, GG6025, GG6025-1, GG6120, GG6122, GG6124, GG6126, GG7024, GG7030, GG7030-1, GG7031, GG7031-1, GG7032, GG7032-1, GG7033-1, GG7034-1, GG7035, GG7036, GG7037, GG7037-1, GG7056, GG7121, GG7131, GG7132, GG7136, GG7230, GG7231, GG7232, GG7233, GG7234, GG7235, GG7236, GG7237, GG7271, GG7273, GG7274, GG7275, GG7276, GG7277, GG7278, GG8030, GG8030-1, GG8031-1, GG8032, GG8037, GG8041, GG8041-1, GG8042, GG8043, GG8044, GG8045, GG8046, GG8046-1, GG8048, GG8049, GG8055, GG8056, GG8056-1, GG8057, GG8060, GG8060-1, GG8132, GG8133, GG8134, GG8136, GG8137, GG8138, GG8140, GG8144, GG8145, GG8147, GG8170, GG8171, GG8172, GG8173, GG8174, GG8230, GG8233, GG8234, GG8235, GG8236, GG8237, GG8238, GG8240, GG8270, GG8271, GG8272, GG8273, GG8276, GG8277, GG8278, GG8279, GG9042, GG9043, GG9044, GG9048, GG9049, GG9056, GG9057, GG9058, GG9059, GG9060, GG9061, GG9142, GG9144, GG9149, GG9161, GG9171, GG9172, GG9173, GG9175, GG9176, GG9177, GG9240, GG9241, GG9272, GG9273, GG9274, GG9275, GG9276, GG9277


Orifice Not Included

Use Original or 11/32-32 Replacement Orifice

Consists Valves 38500 and 38600 Manifold 34100.

Includes Left and Right Valve and Manifold.

This valve have a 45° angle

This item is not an original manufacturer part


Can Use With Orifice 33200

D = 12

8 mm Stem

To ensure you choose the correct replacement valve for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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