Solaire SOL-30, 42, 56 Convection Conversion Kit - SOL-CZAG


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SOL-CZAG Solaire Convection Conversion Kit - For SOL-30 SOL-42 And SOL-56

For SOL-30 IRBT SOL-42 And SOL-56 Gas Grills: Convection Conversion Kit.

Includes Stainless Steel U-Burner Vaporizer. InfraVection is a concept for the griller who wants to experience infrared grilling while keeping the comfort zone of a traditional convection burner. It's also great for the sophisticated outdoor chef who wants the widest range of temperature options for the ultimate in grilling versatility.

The Solaire design allows for easy conversion from one burner type to another. All-Infrared Solaire grills are converted to InfraVection with the purchase and installation of the Convection Conversion Kit available for all sizes (except Solaire Anywhere).



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