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Lynx Grill valves are essential for bringing gas through the burners. Often the valve stem can freeze due to environmental conditions. You can try to loosening the valve by spraying WD-40 around the stem and gently turning the valve. If it is still stuck, it will need to be replaced.

Finding the right replacement Valve or Orifice

Step 1: Locate your serial number, as there are multiple styles of valves on Lynx grills depending on the year.

Can Identify Visually if you remove the control panel.

Step 2: Locate the valve you need.

    • Main Burner Valve
    • Rotisserie valve
    • ProSear Valve
    • Safety Valve
    • Smoker Burner

Step 3: Do you have your original orifice?

Valves do not come with orifices. You can use your original orifice or replace with new.

We usually only see orifice replacement when changing gas types or if they are lost.

Step 4: Replace what you need with and you'll receive your parts quickly. When ready to install see below for instructions.

How to replace a Main Burner Valve on a Lynx Grill?

PRO Tip: Before replacing your valve or orifice, we suggest checking the grill manifold to be sure there are no soft spots or holes.

Because if you did need to replace the manifold, from 2005 and older (Premier Series, E and F) the manifolds have been discontinued. From 2006 and newer, the manifolds include the valves and use your original or new orifice.

1. Remove the control knobs and set aside

2. Remove the control panel

3. If you have a valve with a microswitch 2006 grills and newer, you will need to remove the ignition wires from the microswitch

If you have a grill older than 2006, you can just remove the valve

4. The valve threads onto the manifold. Simply unscrew the valve out of the manifold

5. Be sure to use either yellow teflon (never use white. It is for water) or a pipe stick on the threaded end of the valve before installing new one on the manifold

6. Screw new valve on manifold

7. Spray soapy water around the valve and be sure there are no bubbles

8. If you have the valve with microswitch, you will need to reinstall your ignition wires

Orifice Reference by Type & Model

Premier Series Orifices (0,1)

LBQ27 - ORIFICE, NG (#41 LONG) - 30329
LBQ27 - BURNER ORIFICE, LP (#53 LONG) - 30328

Orifices Series F-R

Main Burner

27,36 - BURNER ORIFICE, NG (#41 SHORT) - 13013
27, 36 - BURNER ORIFICE, LP (#53 SHORT) - 13019
30,42,54 - BURNER ORIFICE, NG (#41 LONG) - 30329
30,42,54 - BURNER ORIFICE, LP (#53 LONG) - 30328

Sear Burner

J Series SEAR ORIFICE, LP (#54 SHORT) - 13020

L42 - SEAR ORIFICE, NG - 13014

Rotisserie Burner

30,36,54 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, NG (#50 SHORT) - 13016
30,36,54 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, LP (#57 SHORT) - 13021
L27 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, NG (#50 SHORT) - 13016
L27 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, LP (#57 SHORT) - 13021
L42 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, NG (#48 SHORT) - 30470 L42 - IR ROTIS ORIFICE, LP (#56 SHORT) - 31342

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