Lynx L30, L42, L54 Briquette Tray Assembly - 90191

SKU: LYNX-90191

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Genuine Lynx Replacement Briquette Tray Assembly with Ceramic Briquettes and Clips.

Assembly kit includes tray and briquettes, clips. If you would like just a tray, you need part 80645

Lynx E, F G, H, J, K, L, M, N P, Q Series

Compatible with 30", 42" and 54" ProSear Grills

Fits Lynx Models : L30-2002, L30-2003, L30-2004, L30-2005, L30-2006, L30-2007, L30-2008, L30APSFR-2005, L30APSR-2005, L30F-2002, L30F-2003, L30F-2004, L30F-2005, L30FR-1-2006, L30FR-1-2007, L30FR-1-2008, L30FR-2002, L30FR-2003, L30FR-2004, L30FR-2005, L30PSFR-1-2006, L30PSFR-1-2007, L30PSFR-1-2008, L30PSFR-1-2010, L30PSFR-2004, L30PSFR-2005, L30PSP-1-2006, L30PSR-1-2006, L30PSR-1-2007, L30PSR-1-2008, L30PSR-1-2010, L30PSR-2004, L30R-1-2006, L30R-1-2007, L30R-1-2008, L30R-1-2010, L30R-2002, L30R-2003, L30R-2004, L30SPR-2005, L42-2002, L42-2003, L42-2004, L42-2006, L42-2007, L42-2008, L42FR-1-2006, L42FR-1-2007, L42FR-1-2008, L42FR-2002, L42FR-2003, L42FR-2004, L42FR-2005, L42PSFR-1-2006, L42PSFR-1-2007, L42PSFR-1-2008, L42PSFR-1-2010, L42PSFR-2004, L42PSFR-2005, L42PSR-1-2006, L42PSR-1-2007, L42PSR-1-2008, L42PSR-1-2010, L42PSR-2004, L42PSR-2005, L42R-1-2006, L42R-1-2007, L42R-1-2008, L42R-1-2010, L42R-2002, L42R-2003, L42R-2004, L42R-2005, L54-2002, L54-2003, L54-2004, L54-2006, L54-2007, L54-2008, L5430-2002, L5430-2003, L5430-2004, L5430FR2B-2005, L5430R2B-2005, L54FR-2004, L54PSFR-1-2006, L54PSFR-1-2007, L54PSFR-1-2008, L54PSFR-1-2010, L54PSFR-2005, L54PSR-1-2006, L54PSR-1-2007, L54PSR-1-2008, L54PSR-1-2010, L54PSR-2005, L54R-2004, L54SBFR-2002, L54SBFR-2003, L54SBFR-2004, L54SBR-2002, L54SBR-2003, L54SBR-2004

42" takes (2) 90191 and (1) 90190 *** Prosear Grills take (1) 90191 and (1) 90190 ***

54" takes (1) 90191 and (2) 90190

Lynx Old Part# 80364, 90071, 90191

Dimensions : 19 1/4 x 12 1/2

This item is an OEM original manufactured part.

Sold Individually

To help assure you get the correct replacement parts for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill. If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

Ask The Experts


  1. Replacement Part

    Order a new briquette set for my Lynx grill. Fit perfectly and works like the original. Definitely good source for parts.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 18th Feb 2023

  2. Cheap

    The briquettes are extremely fragile compared to the ordinals. 3 broke in shipping and I just replaced them with the old ones.

    Verified Customer Casey - 26th Jun 2022

  3. Lynx briquette tray - complete

    everything was assembled which made it quick and easy to replace. Product fit perfectly.

    Verified Customer Brad Cook - 2nd Jun 2022

  4. Great company for replacement parts

    Its awesome to by factory replacement parts for the grill and im only replacing parts because i use the grill year round and its always in use.

    Verified Customer Johnny - 29th Sep 2021

  5. Product was delivered on time and fit perfectly

    The new briquette tray I ordered was the correct size and delivered in a timely fashion. I would order from the BBQ Depot again.

    Verified Customer Jim - 20th Jun 2021

  6. Perfect

    Perfect thank you

    Verified Customer Rick - 21st Apr 2021

  7. Same as new

    I was trying to purchase the trays by them selves but were not available. Decided to purchase the complete tray assembly with briquettes that were in stock. They arrived timely and in excellent condition. I have to applaud bbq depot for the excellent packaging of this product, I had my reservations. They popped right in to place and work wonderful. My bbq is now producing more heat with a lower flame, like when it was new. Very Happy with results.

    Verified Customer Sam Loya - 25th Aug 2020

  8. Exactly what we needed!

    Order arrived quickly. A few of the briquettes were broken on arrival, but BBQ Depot mailed replacements right away. Great customer service, very pleased!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 19th Apr 2020

  9. BBQ Makes E-Commerce Local

    The BBQ team responded promptly and patiently to my Sunday inquiry regarding the correct replacement grill accessories (trays and briquettes), guided the order process and rapidly filled and shipped the order. The trays and briquettes arrived faster than advertised and fit perfectly. BBQ provided hands-on service rarely experienced in the e-commerce retail environment. I would turn to BBQ for our future grill-related needs.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 4th Sep 2019

  10. Great customer service

    I had a couple of broken briquettes so I emailed customer service and they replied on a Sunday. Next week I had 6 replacements. Great sellers

    Verified Customer Unknown - 20th Oct 2018

  11. Worked Perfectly

    Was an exact match for the old tray and briquettes. No complaints other than it was expensive for what you get.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 19th Jul 2014

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