Infrared Grills

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Infrared grills simply aren't your typical style BBQ grill and we love them! This technology browns and caramelizes the surface of meats by reaching temperatures of well over 1000 degrees in as little as 5-7 minutes using energy similar to visible light.

Infrared Grills are really just gas grills that have ceramic searing burners in lieu of blue flame convection burners. If you are looking to have both, check out our Gas/InfraRed Hyrbids. (More info below)

Identifying InfraRed

If your grill has a long white strip on the back (the Rotisserie Back Burner), that burner is utilizing the infrared technology.

Brief History of InfraRed

TEC Infrared was the first manufacturer to introduce this technology to the residential grilling market. Once their patent ran out, many manufacturers were quick to add this technology to their grills.

We feel that TEC still remain the best manufacturer, Solaire and Texas Sizzler offer an all Infrared Option also. Alfresco also has an all infrared option but it is a special order.

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