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Infrared gas grills are similar to  gas grills, but with ceramic searing burners. This outdoor cooking technology browns and caramelizes the surface of meats by using energy similar to visible light, that is not affected by wind.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is direct radiant heat. This technology uses a ceramic burner that has hundreds of port holes encased in a stainless housing. It creates blazing hot temperatures that cooks food quicker using less gas. Traditional burners rely on heating circulating air.

You probably already have experience with InfraRed. If your grill has a long white ceramic strip on the back (the Rotisserie Back Burner), that burner is utilizing the infrared technology.

These bad boys can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees in under 5 minutes, giving you more grilling options and consistency comparable to restaurants!

With infrared you get more even heating. This is because there are hundreds of evenly spaced gas ports that create uniform cooking temperature.

For both traditional blue flame and infrared burners check out InfraVection Hybrids.

Many grill brands, including Lynx, Sedona, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat and more will offer a sear burner as an option in their grills.

Brief History of InfraRed

TEC Infrared was the first manufacturer to introduce this technology to the residential grilling market. Once their patent ran out, many manufacturers were quick to add this technology to their grills.

We feel that TEC still remain the best manufacturer with Solaire coming in real close behind. Texas Sizzler is also a great brand that offers an all Infrared Grill. Alfresco also has an all infrared option but it is a special order.

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