Lynx Professional Grills Brand Review

Built-in and Freestanding

Lynx Professional Grills

Are Lynx Grills Worth the Money? 

Yes... Yes... Yes...

When considering a high-quality American-made grill,  Lynx Professional Grills should be first on your list. 

Lynx manufactures built-in grills and freestanding grills, as well as a variety of outdoor kitchen components.

Lynx is manufactured in the USA in California.  

We have been carrying Lynx since they were introduced in the late 90's. The Premier models had 3 sizes: 27", 36" and 48" (the 48" has been discontinued). When the Professional series was introduced, the model lineup included 27", 30", 42" and 54" which remains the current lineup today.

The 27" and 30" grills have 2 main burners, The 36" and 42" grills have 3 main burners and the 54" grills have 4 main burners. 

There are 2 burner configuration options on the 27" and three options on the 30" and above. On grills larger than 30" you can choose from all ceramic burners, add one trident Prosear or choose all trident burners.

Looking to be the envy of your friends? Choose the SmartGrill, an exclusive Wi-Fi enabled technology available on grill sizes 30"36" and 42".

In 2023, Lynx has discontinues the 27" Model Grill. 

Grill Features:

The Lynx grill has been known for their heavy duty cast brass burner which boasted an incredible 25,000 BTU's per Burner.

In 2018, Lynx redesigned the burner they have long been known for. It was changed to a cast ceramic burner. The ceramic burner is made from cordierite ceramic. This material is used in kilns and commercial ovens for the high temperatures it endures. These radiant burners are the heart of your Lynx Grill.

Burners can suffer damage when extreme heat expands and contracts the metal. Food and grease residue clogs ports, thus degrading the material.

The Lynx ceramic burner is made from cordierite ceramic, the same material in kilns and commercial ovens because of the extreme temperatures that it can tolerate. These burners have been tested relentlessly by igniting them thousands of times encrusted with sauce. The radiant burners have a control and power never seen before.

Lynx Cast Ceramic Burners

Offered at no additional charge, the Lynx Trident Prosear Burner offers restaurant-quality performance with 23,000 BTUs of intensive infrared heat. Boasting impressive temperature control ranging from 250-1,000 degrees, it’s the method used (and loved) by the world's leading chefs and steak houses. We recommend adding a Sear burner to grills 36" and up, as you'll still have plenty of open flame cooking surface.

Lynx Trident Prosear Burner

Lynx uses ceramic briquettes to radiate the powerful heat evenly over the cooking area.

The stainless steel heavy-duty grates allow for amazing sear marks, just like a professional chef, and carry a lifetime warranty against rust.

Lynx Cooking Grates

The ignition system is an electronically powered hot surface ignition. These electrodes glow when ignited by pressing in the control knobs.

Lynx Hot Surface Ignition

The Lynx rear hood wind deflector reflects a design that allows the grill to vent properly stabilizing critical grill surface temperatures when cooking with the grill lid closed in windy conditions.

Lynx Rear Hood Wind Deflector

Lynx also has an impressive lineup of outdoor kitchen cooking accessories, refrigeration (including wine) and storage solutions for an ultimate outdoor area. They have also added their exclusive  Napoli outdoor oven, which is great for making authentic Italian Pizzas.

In 2013, to remain competitive in the overly flooded import market, Lynx introduced a lower, more cost effective line (without compromising quality), the Sedona

Offered in three sizes, 30” (2 main burners), 36” (3 main burners) and 42” (3 main burners), Sedona looks very similar to the Lynx Professional line. This is great if you want to add a Power Burner, for example. This is because there is no power burner in the Sedona lineup, just the Lynx. Being that the two brands look similar, you can add complimenting Lynx products and still be aesthetically pleasing. 

Add a Prosear to your Sedona without an additional charge. The Prosear burner in the Sedona is a 23,000 BTU variable heat rectangular shaped burner.

If you do not need a rotisserie back-burner, save some money and choose your grill without one. This is a feature available only on the Sedona grills.

The Sedona brand offers great complimenting products for your outdoor kitchen. This includes drop in single or double side burners, doors, drawers and refrigeration.

The Sedona differs from the Lynx predominantly in their burners, briquette trays and ignition.

The Sedona utilizes electricity for their ignition. One feature the Sedona offers that Lynx does not is the battery backup. Should you lose power, you have a 9 volt battery backup to ignite your grill.

If you're looking for a grill that is the “Best Bang for your Buck” the Sedona is a great choice.

Below you will see a feature comparison between the Lynx vs Sedona.

Lynx Professional vs Sedona Grills

Why buy a Lynx or Sedona by Lynx?

1. Made in the USA - This is important because imported grills can mean extensive delays... if the parts are even available. With Lynx, you will not have to worry about these delays because they're made in California.

Lynx Grills - Proudly Made in the USA

2. High Quality Outdoor Cooking Appliance

3. Exceptional Warranty and Service

4. Aesthetically Appealing 

The BBQ Depot has believed in the Lynx Grill brand for over 2 decades. There aren't many companies around today that has not only sold the product from the beginning, but has also serviced this grill. Let us help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! 

In late 2015, Lynx was purchased by the Middleby Corporation, which also owns the Viking Line of appliances. This further boosts our confidence in the financial stability and commitment to growth of the product line.

Lynx Grill Warranty

Sedona Grill Warranty

We can help with almost any technical issue with the grill. Need parts for your Lynx or Sedona Grill?

Let us help you troubleshoot your grill and identify the correct parts.

Most importantly, the warranty service is great!

by Tracy Hollander on 9th Jan 2019
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