33000 Lynx Prosear Burner (Includes Screen) - PS 30, 42, 54 - J, K, L, M Series

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This is an OEM Prosear1 burner (Includes Screen) for the PS models. These burners are intense infrared heat that also has variable heat settings allowing you to sear anything from filets to fish.

Models :

Lynx Grill Replacement Pro Sear Infra Red Burner for 30, 42, 54-in 

Series : J, K, L, M

Replacement infrared gas grill burner for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 grills

Models: L30PSR-1, L30PSFR-1, L42PSR-1, L42PSFR-1, L54PSR-1


This is the deeper infrared prosear burner.

Alternate part and Old part# 32183, 33000

Total Length (including venturi tube) is 18.75 inches and 11 inches wide.

When the burner is turned upside down, the width of the housing is slightly smaller (9 7/8 x 15 3/4)

This item is an original manufactured part.

Tip : Here is a video and instructions on cleaning an infrared prosear burner

Instructions :

To replace your Lynx Prosear Burner :

1. Shut off gas supply

2. Remove Cooking Grate

3. Slide old burner back and lift up. (You may need to remove the igniter electrode)

4. Install new burner by sliding over the valve

5. Reinstall cooking grate 


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

Ask The Experts
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  1. Damaged in Shipment

    I received the item on time. The item was damaged (either in shipment or packaging). I was able to repair the damage enough to manage to install it. I chose to attempt to repair raIther than return for the "need of use" reasons.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 13th Feb 2021

  2. The product met my expectations

    Delivered as advertised. In this pandemic environment, we are grilling more by staying safe as a family and enjoying more meals together. It is nice to know that with all of the challenges, you can still rely on a company and product to meet you needs.

    Verified Customer Chris Maling - Los Angeles - 12th Nov 2020

  3. Easy Install for new Prosear burner

    I have needed to replace the prosear burner on my Lynx grill for quite awhile but procrastinated because I thought I'd need to get a professional service technician to install it and just never got around to it. After researching a bit I realized it is incredibly easy to do this yourself. Burner is working great and the BBQDepot provided a great purchasing and delivery experience.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 17th Oct 2020

  4. Lynx Prosear Burner

    Perfect fit and function. These guys were a pleasure to deal with.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 14th Sep 2020

  5. Easy replacement, new life to old grill

    Perfect fit, took less than 5 mins to swap out with original rusted out IR burner, now I can use my whole grill surface again. Make sure you keep the original retaining screw, this part didn't come with a replacement.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 15th Jun 2020

  6. Lynx Grill Replacement Pro Sear Infra Red Burner and screen

    Easy to install, worked great the first time we tried it in the grill. I would have give the sear replacement burner 5 stars but the thin wire screen over the grill is so flimsy, and the edge of the screen does not have a border, so the screening metal times did not stay perpendicular. I'd give the screen a 1. The old metal screen over the burner basically burned into a heap. Why can't Lynx and replacement parts come up with a better design on the screen for the Sear infra Red Burner? I understand the temperature is really hot.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 29th Sep 2019

  7. A quality part that fit perfectly...

    We have had many years of excellent meals thanks to our Lynx Grill. We noticed that the prosear burner had started to flake and crack over the last few months. Contacted the BBQ Depot and they had the exact part and I installed it with no issues. Really like having a source that has the parts for higher end units.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 29th May 2019

  8. Good replacement burner

    Needed to replace my prosear burner, this one worked great in my Lynx BBQ.

    Verified Customer Carol - 11th Aug 2018

  9. Right Part Wrong base

    The part was the correct dimension, however there are tabs on the base that are different than mine. I bent the tabs flat but the burner will not lay exactly flat like the original. Verified with serial number when ordered, not sure why the tabs are in the wrong area.

    Verified Customer Derek Weaver - 18th Mar 2014

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