31885 - Lynx 30, 42, 54 ProSear Burner (Includes Screen) - E, F & G, H Series

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The Lynx ProSear burner provides intense heat while providing variable heat settings allowing you to sear most anything from a thick piece of meat to a delicate piece of fish.

INCLUDES Mesh Screen 

Sold Individually


Series : E, F, G, H ; 2002-2004, 2005, 2006 

Fits Lynx Models : L27-1-2006, L27-2005, L27-2006, L27F-1-2006, L27F-2005, L27FR-1-2006, L27FR-2005, L27R-1-2006, L27R-2005, L30-2002, L30-2003, L30-2004, L30-2005, L30-2006, L30APSFR-2005, L30APSR-2005, L30F-2002, L30F-2003, L30F-2004, L30F-2005, L30FR-1-2006, L30FR-2002, L30FR-2003 L30FR-2004, L30FR-2005, L30PSFR-1-2006, L30PSFR-2004, L30PSFR-2005, L30PSP-1-2006, L30PSR-1-2006, L30PSR-2004, L30R-1-2006, L30R-2002, L30R-2003, L30R-2004, L30SPR-2005, L36FR-2005, L36R-2005, L42-2002, L42-2003, L42-2004, L42-2006, L42FR-1-2006, L42FR-2002, L42FR-2003, L42FR-2004, L42FR-2005, L42PSFR-1-2006 L42PSFR-2004, L42PSFR-2005, L42PSR-1-2006, L42PSR-2004, L42PSR-2005, L42R-1-2006, L42R-2002, L42R-2003, L42R-2004, L42R-2005, L54-2002, L54-2003, L54-2004, L5430-2002, L5430-2003, L5430-2004, L5430FR2B-2005, L5430R2B-2005, L54FR-2004, L54PSFR-2005, L54PSR-2005, L54R-2004, L54SBFR-2002, L54SBFR-2003, L54SBFR-2004, L54SBR-2002, L54SBR-2003, L54SBR-2004

Sear Burner Model : LPSGE-1-NG, LPSGE-1-LP (J, M, 2007, 2011 Series)


Old Part# 31183,31885

Dimensions : 18.75 x 8.5

This item is an original manufactured part.


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

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  1. Great Product and Great Value!

    Live the ProSear element I received. If fits like a glove and installed in 30 seconds!

    Verified Customer Dan - 1st May 2021

  2. Part and People = Perfect Match

    I inherited a grill when buying my house. After a good cleaning of the grill, I saw that a new part was needed. I called BBQ Depot - the rep told me where to look for the serial number and type of grill, gave me the year of the grill, and confirmed which part was needed, whether it was in stock and estimated when it would be available. I had a very informative and positive experience. Thank you BBQ Depot!

    Verified Customer CK - 8th Sep 2020

  3. Exactly what I needed

    I have a 2006 30 inch Lynx built in bbq. I called the bbq depot and the customer service was excellent, the rep was very knowledgeable and helped me order the part I needed. I installed the new prosear burner and tested it. It works just like new!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 4th Jan 2020

  4. Customer Service Great

    They helped me find the right part right a way. Very knowledgeable! The price was great! Got it when expected! Just took it out of it’s box and set it in my BBQ and it works great. This is one great vendor. My go to for my BBQ from now!

    Verified Customer Bob S - 6th Aug 2019

  5. Just what I needed

    My ProSear burner went bad over time and this replacement was just what I needed. I can't say enough good things about the person who helped me from BBQ Depot. She shipped my part to me and it arrived just in time for a party I was hosting. She used my serial number to identify which part I needed, otherwise I probably would have ordered the wrong one. The numbering of the series is not straight forward and I would say misleading. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because the original one warped and cracked after several years of use, and the screen on top has had to be replaced several times as it tends to disintegrate after a couple of years of use. I just accept this now and realize the BBQ parts don't last forever and am happy that I can buy just about everything from BBQ Depot.

    Verified Customer Lloyd - 4th Aug 2019

  6. rec'd and installed works well

    works well

    Verified Customer Unknown - 1st Feb 2014

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