Blaze Professional vs Lynx Grills

Blaze vs Lynx Professional

We are comparing the differences between these two very popular brands. We decided to make this comparison as it is important to distinguish the differences.

Are Blaze Grills Made in the USA?

Blaze Grills

No. Blaze grills are imported. 

This comparison is not an apples to apples comparison of outdoor appliances.

As Blaze would be in the same category as Coyote, Lion, Bull or Summerset and Lynx is in the same class as  AlfrescoFire Magic, Heston or Twin Eagles.

Where are Lynx Grills Made?

Lynx 27" Built-in Grill

Lynx grills were manufactured in Downey, California until they were purchased by the Middleby Comapny. Manufacturing was moved to Greenwood, Mississippi. 


Burners : Blaze uses a Cast Stainless Burner producing 18,000 BTUs while Lynx uses a Proprietary Cast Ceramic Burner that produces 25,000 BTUs. The Cast Ceramic Burner produces a unique flame unlike any burner on the market offering the most consistent heat. Offered at no additional charge, you can get a searing Trident Burner on your Lynx Grill. A favorite of the worlds leading chefs due to it temperature control of 250-1,000 degrees.

Both offer lifetime warranties on their burners.

Heat Distribution : Blaze uses Flame Tamers and Lynx Briquette Trays. Ceramic Briquettes have the best heat distribution and radiation.

Ignition : Blaze uses a Flame Thrower Ignition while Lynx uses the Hot Surface Glow. Read our post on Flame Thrower Valves to get an understanding of how they operate. The biggest disadvantage to this ignition is if the electrode needs replacing, you must replace the entire valve. This is the only ignition system that requires a valve replacement to repair the electrode.

Why is there a huge difference in price? One Grill is imported and one is US Made

While Blaze has done an amazing job at marketing their brand, many consumers do not realize that that the grill is imported. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing imported products, we do want to mention that we are the largest grill repair shop in South Florida and one of the leading internet parts retailers and what we find with the imported grills is parts availability along with consistency in manufacturing.

You could be months waiting for parts and that could mean months without your grill. Yes, we did say months. The Blaze Professional Grill is not a true "commercial quality" product like the Lynx.

Another disadvantage in purchasing an imported product is when you contract manufacture any product, you are relying on the relationship and financial stability of that contract manufacturer. How can you have quality control when your manufacturer is in another country?

Lynx is the worlds leading U.S. manufacturer of grills and outdoor kitchen accessories. They have been in the outdoor appliance industry manufacturing  these grills since the late 90's. They currently share the same owner as Viking Products. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in California.

If Lynx is not within your budget, you must consider Sedona by Lynx it is what we consider to be the "Best Bang for your Buck" US made Outdoor Grill.

There are many lower priced (yet high quality) options available that are manufactured in the US including AOGDelta HeatArtisan or Sedona by Lynx

In our opinion, if you are going to spend almost $3,800 on a Blaze, you're better off spending $3,349 on a Lynx. You may not get as large of a grill but it will be a much better quality product.

We are authorized service/warranty reps for Lynx and we pretty much know this grill inside and out. We have sold Lynx grills since the inception of their Premier series.

Be sure to check out our list of US manufactured Grills.

Blaze Professional vs Lynx Professional Grills

by Tracy Hollander on 28th Nov 2018
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