Trusted and Untrusted Grill Brands

During the big grilling season (summertime) we get inundated with calls from folks who cannot find specific parts for their grills. These parts usually consist of drip trays, valves, warming racks and handles. 100% of the time they are calling about private labeled grills. We hear and feel the frustration from these customers as they generally do not realize the type of product they are purchasing.

What are private labeled grills?

These are grills that virtually anyone can put their name on. There is no proprietary design, no local contact or support and are always made overseas (China).

Many Big Box stores including Home Depot (Charmglow), Lowe's (Perfect Flame), Costco (Kirkland), Sams Club (Members Mark) will put their brand name on a grill but when it becomes time to replace parts on the grill, some of these parts are nowhere to be found. I mean, lets face it, these stores are not in the grill business. You and I can put our name on a grill. Our marketplace has become flooded with Chinese grills.

What happens is these grills become hostage to replacement parts offered by aftermarket companies and generally, the only parts we are able to supply are BurnersCooking GratesHeat Plates and Ignition

In addition, you want to be aware of what you are purchasing. Buyer beware.... Those big shiny stainless steel grills may seem like a great buy but think about this ... You are purchasing an imported product that does not have to pass through any checks to be sure the manufacturing of these imported grills abide by the laws of gas appliance manufacturing in the USA.

In our South Florida service business, the only grills we have seen recalled or "faulty" have been these imported grills.

We always recommend, if you are looking for a grill, do not go for a Brand Name. Look for a well respected Manufacturer where you can get every part needed for your grill. Lets face it... nothing is more frustrating that planning an outdoor BBQ and your grill not functioning and then not being able to locate the resources to fix it. 

We recommend Napoleon and Weber as an entry level grill that provides an excellent warranty and any replacement part you need. These companies are not only well known brand names, they are also manufacturers that have been in the business for decades and offer a wide range of price points. Napoleon grills has an unprecedented limited lifetime warranty that surpasses their competitors.

For the luxury grills, we recommend AlfrescoArtisanDelta Heat and Twin Eagles.

We, at The BBQ Depot, have been a family owned business since 1956 and have only specialized in grills. We have a large variety of grill brands we can carry but we carefully choose the grills we will display and stand behind on our showroom floor. We are always here to help and guide the consumer in the right direction, even if they do not purchase their next grill from us. We have sustained our longevity in this business by providing an honest opinion of the products on the market. Trust us and our opinion!

by Tracy Hollander on 1st Dec 2016
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