Are You Looking for Sedona by Lynx Grill Parts?

Lynx has been producing top-of-the-line luxury grills and outdoor kitchen appliances since its introduction in 1997. Their dedication to quality manufacturing and innovation has earned them a spot among the best grill brands available.

Of course, with that title comes a hefty price. Therefore (like many other luxury grill brands), Lynx developed a more budget-friendly grill line (still manufactured in the USA) called Sedona by Lynx.

The first run of Sedona Grills had the Lynx Logo Label on it but was distinguished by the model number which was L500. When they were first introduced, only the 30" was available. Most of the parts in the grill were the same except the prosear. It actually used Lynx Prosear (short) part 32915. This prosear has a screen, so if you can use this burner in lieu of the what comes in the Sedona now.

The Sedona line goes easier on the wallet without sacrificing the quality that makes Lynx so popular. Proudly made in America, Sedona grills go toe-to-toe with their Lynx counterparts in terms of quality and functionality at a fraction of the price.

In fact, most Sedona grills are priced at about 25-40% less than their Lynx older siblng. And some models clock in as low as half of what a regular Lynx might retail for.

With those kinds of savings, Sedona by Lynx should be at the top of every budget-savvy grill enthusiast’s shopping list.

Replacement Sedona by Lynx Grill Parts

Grills require regular maintenance to keep them performing reliably and consistently (speaking of: here’s a guide to cleaning your grill properly). Think of it as getting your oil changed in your vehicle or getting new tires when the tread on yours has worn down.

A well-maintained Sedona will last its lucky owner many years, and the BBQ Depot can assist you with the replacement parts you need. To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, you’ll need to know your model number. With Sedona, you do not need the serial number to determine replacement parts as you do with Lynx Professional. 

If you’re unsure, call or email us and we can help verify you’re ordering the right part. Of course, if you didn’t select the correct part, we can help you get that straightened out.

Sedona by Lynx Burners

Sedona Prosear Burner

All parts of a grill require regular maintenance, including burners. At least once a year, you should remove and clean your burners. This helps get rid of any build-up or tiny critters that tried to make homes in them since the last time you fired up your grill.

But eventually, all burners — especially when used frequently, and over a long period of time — will require replacement.

Unusual popping sounds may indicate a crack or break in the ceramic base of your grill burner. Whether you’ve got the ProSear burner or the regular U-burner, The BBQ Depot stocks both to make sure you never miss a day of grilling.

The ProSear burner in the original Sedona models came complete with mesh screens and will fit all the Sedona by Lynx grill models.

For models made after 2013, there’s the ProSear that was manufactured without the screenand will fit all Sedona grills that came standard with the prosear burner. The stainless steel U burner fits all the Sedona grill model years. 

TIP : You will extend the life of your prosear by peroidically taking a vacuum and clearing the port holes. If you have a screen, you will need to remove the screen.

Can I change a U Burner for a Prosear or a Prosear for a U Burner? 

Short answer is you can do anything with modifications. The Sedona Grill is not set up to swap the different burners. There is no modification on the grill interior to move the ignier electrode.

If you have a question about a malfunctioning burner or which model to order as a replacement, we’re more than happy to help you verify you’re getting the correct part.

Sedona by Lynx Briquettes and Trays

Sedona by Lynx Grill Briquette Tray

Briquette trays have a few advantages, but the big one is that ceramic trays and rocks hold heat longer and more evenly than metal alone. As a result, most luxury grills use the briquette system.

There are 2 different size trays a row of 3 and a row of 4. The row of 3 are used in the 36" and 42" grills. The row of 4 are used in the 30" and 42"

At the BBQ Depot, we stock Sedona by Lynx briquette clips (to hold the briquettes in place on Sedona model trays), ceramic briquettes, and briquette tray assemblies. The clips start as low as $2.00, and the other accessories range from $50.00 to 70.00 each.

The Sedona OEM Ceramic Briquettes are compatible with the Sedona models L500, L600, and L700 and come in packs of 35. You can also buy the briquette tray assemblies for those and other models, in both 30-inch and 42-inch dimensions.

(Note: the briquette tray assemblies come with briquettes, so you don’t need to buy extra briquettes unless you’ve already run out or you’ve got plenty of storage.)

Sedona by Lynx Cooking Grids

A properly maintained stainless cooking grid should last between ten and fifteen years. But even the most conscientious grill owner may eventually need to replace them.

For example, if your grid is starting to show rust, pitting, corrosion, or you’re having difficulty cleaning it, it may be time for a replacement.

Sedona’s stainless cooking grids come in several sizes (from 24 inches up to 42 inches) and four different models — each corresponding to a different set of Sedona model grills.

Check out our selection of Sedona by Lynx cooking grids.

Sedona by Lynx Ignition Parts

Nothing puts a damper on a barbecue like a grill that won’t light. Ignitors can break, even with regular maintenance.

We have everything you might need to replace or fix a malfunctioning ignition system: microswitches for the main igniter, ignition modules (both two- and four-spark), electrode kits, igniter shields, and ignition wire harnesses.

Ignitors greatly reduce the risk of injury to the user, so we always recommend maintaining your Sedona ignition instead of trying to circumvent it the old-fashioned way (with a long lighter). 

Sedona by Lynx Knobs

Knobs are one of the heartiest, simplest pieces of equipment on your luxury grill, but they may need replacing every now and then.

Maybe one got loose and was torn off in a storm. Maybe an overeager child made off with one, or there was a poolside collision that damaged one.

Whatever the reason, you certainly don’t want to be using a pair of pliers to turn on your grill. Sedona stainless grill knobs are an easy replacement that works across all grill models, including side burners and several older models.

Currently, there is only one style knob and they are sold individually.

Sedona by Lynx Lights

To some people, lights on a grill may seem superfluous, but they shouldn’t be ignored. In addition to providing a safer grilling experience, lights are an aesthetic boon, too. There’s nothing quite like the soft glow of a lit-up grill at dusk.

Nighttime grilling means low visibility, and flames don’t properly illuminate the cooking surface (it’s backlit — you can’t see the food very well).

If you’re in need of replacement lights, Sedona makes hood single light assemblies, LED wire harness assemblies, and light switch assemblies that range in price from $40.00 to $60.00.

Sedona by Lynx Warming Racks

Normal wear and tear will affect warming racks in much the same way it can cooking grids: rust, corrosion, and difficulty cleaning. Because they’re further from the burners, they may last longer than the cooking grids.

Warming racks are perfect for warming buns or keeping freshly grilled food warm. The indirect heat helps keep things ready for the dinner table without the risk of drying out or overcooking.

TIP : If you have a rotisserie backburner, never use that burner to cook or warm food on the warming rack as it will damage that part and make it deteriorate faster.

Much like the cooking grids, the Sedona warming racks come in several sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 42 inches depending on your model.

Sedona by Lynx Miscellaneous Replacement Parts

While people mostly consider the grill parts already listed above for replacement, there are a lot of different components to gas grills.

You’ll find the difficult-to-categorize items here in the miscellaneous section. We have everything from Sedona extension springs (the kind that attach to the grill’s hood and make it easier to open and close) to grill thermostats and many things in between, such as:

  • Burner valves - for allowing gas to safely flow through burners
  • Hood thermometers - for maintaining a consistent and accurate temperature inside the hood
  • Hood bumpers - to prevent metal-on-metal abrasions, chipping, or corrosion
  • Magnets - for proper sealing of magnetized doors on grills, carts, and refrigeration units
  • Transformers - for operating the electrical components of your Sedona by Lynx grill, like the LED lights and the ignition system
  • Hoses - for gas lines or water lines
  • Thermocouple - for regulating gas flow to the rotisserie as a safety feature to prevent or stop gas leaks
  • Rotisserie motors and spit rods - for maintenance on the main components of the rotisserie
  • Rotisserie spit forks - for holding food on the rotisserie
  • Conversion kits - for converting natural gas to liquid propane, or vice versa

If you are unsure of the part you need, please give us a shout or you can look at the grill schematic and identify what you need.

Why People Like Sedona by Lynx Grills

With two decades of experience backing them, Lynx has proven time and again that they make beautiful, reliable grills that are a pleasure to operate.

Their introduction of the more economically-price Sedona line was a wonderful way to break into another market. Now, Lynx’s world-class grills are available at a more affordable price point, but still function — and feel — like a Lynx product.

Luxurious Design Elements

The design elements and attention to detail are major reasons Sedona grills look and feel so incredible.

Thick, restaurant-quality stainless steel (which helps retain heat), internal and external lighting, hood assist elements (to make raising or lowering the hood nice and smooth), and a heat disbursement system that spreads flames evenly over the cooking surface all contribute to people’s loyalty to the Sedona (and therefore, Lynx) brand.

Excellent Warranties

But it’s more than just a flashy, sleek appearance. Sedona grills perform like the professionals they are, with 23,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per burner. Lifetime warranties on cooking grates and burners, including the ProSear burners, demonstrate to customers that they believe in their products.

Lifetime warranties on searing burners are quite unusual in the grilling industry, and it speaks to how firmly Sedona stands behind its products.

Outdoor Kitchen Possibilities

Another reason people love Sedona grills is their vast array of outdoor kitchen possibilities.

Sedona produces both freestanding and built-in models of many sizes, and the freestanders can always become built-ins later if your outdoor kitchen plans expand beyond their original scope.

If you want to build a full kitchen right off the bat, Sedona might just be the perfect one-stop manufacturer to supply your vision.

They have a large line of outdoor kitchen appliances, including full outdoor kitchen packages that come with everything you need to create the perfect-for-you setup.

A la carte appliances are an option, too — Sedona offers a wide range of side burners, stainless steel cabinetry, coolers, refrigeration units, sinks, faucets, and hoods.

And don’t forget to deck out your new outdoor digs with all of Sedona’s useful accessories. Take your grill game to the next level with grill covers, windscreens, insulated jackets, and rotisserie baskets.

Finding the Sedona Grill Parts You Need

Sedona’s reputation for excellence is well-earned. Their commitment to quality materials and superior craftsmanship makes each piece of equipment a delight to handle — everything you’d expect from the Lynx brand.

The BBQ Depot is proud to carry Sedona by Lynx, as well as being one of the largest stocking replacement parts suppliers for all models currently being supported. If something is out of stock on our website, we’re always happy to custom order parts to keep your grill running as smoothly as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about proper care for your gas grill or require some quick cleaning tips, check out our I.Q. Learning Center.

And please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance with an outdoor appliance package. We love helping people bring their vision to life with a budget that suits them. Contact us today at 877-983-0451 or by emailing us at 

by Tracy Hollander on 2nd Mar 2022
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