How to Get Parts For Your (Discontinued) Grill

We’ve seen the scenario play out too many times to count: you buy a grill from your local hardware store. It works great — for a year — then the problems start. Eventually, you discover you need a replacement part. No problem — the grill has a warranty. You go online to search for the grill company, only to find out the grill has been discontinued. Or worse, the company no longer exists.

Or perhaps you’ve had the same grill for several years. Even a well-made grill needs regular maintenance and requires replacement parts. Fixing your grill yourself might be the most budget-friendly option, and we understand that. But if it’s been a long time, the grill you bought might not be in production anymore.

Now you’re asking yourself, how do I find replacement parts for my grill?

That’s where the BBQ Depot comes in. We empathize with the amount of frustration that comes with realizing your grill has been discontinued, and we’re here to help remedy the situation. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to supplying replacement parts for grills, including discontinued grills. We stock many aftermarket parts for several different brands and models of discontinued grills. If your grill isn’t operating the way it should, we can help you get it back in shape with our vast selection of replacement parts.

Let’s look at some of the common brands of grills we carry replacement parts for.

Brinkmann Grills Parts

Brinkmann Corporation was the parent company of Brinkmann grills. Brinkmann was contracted out to manufacture Home Depot brand grills until they went into bankruptcy. They were made overseas and imported to the USA to sell.

On October 2015, Brinkmann Corporation filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. By so doing, they became exempt from fulfilling any and all warranties they had previously given to their customers.

Immediately after declaring bankruptcy, they discontinued the sale of any Brinkmann grills, parts, or accessories. This has left many customers with defective or broken grills and worthless warranties.

We absolutely understand the frustration of Brinkmann grill owners who are trying to receive parts that should be under warranty. While we are unable to honor any Brinkmann warranties, we are able to sell top-quality replacement parts with unmatched customer service. The parts we sell for your Brinkmann grill will be as good or even better quality than the original part.

We carry Brinkmann replacement parts for nearly 300 models of their grills. We have a user-friendly model filter on our Brinkmann Grill Parts page. You’ll find many aftermarket parts including:

We have extensive experience in repairing and replacing parts for Brinkmann grills, and we’d be happy to provide you the service you need to get your grill back up and running. If you need some expert advice, we’re always here to help.

Ducane Grills Parts

Ducane Grills has an intriguing story that goes back many decades. Ducane was originally founded in 1946 and started out as a heating and air conditioning company. In 1975, they entered the gas grill market. By the year 2000, they decided to sell their heating and air conditioning division (to Lennox) and commit their focus solely on their gas grills.

Ducane’s grills were manufactured at a factory located in South Carolina with a crew of about 100 people. They sold very well-made grills and were known for being one of the best in the industry for years. We appreciated their slogan, “Buy Your Last Grill First.” They included a five-year warranty with their grills and with an additional cost, customers were able to upgrade to a lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately, their path hit a rough patch. In 2001 they built a gigantic multi-million dollar facility to manufacture their grills. A perfect storm hit. A recession occurred, and with the amount of construction debt piled on their back, Ducane couldn’t weather the storm. They entered bankruptcy.

In 2004, Weber purchased Ducane. Instead of continuing to manufacture the same high-quality grills Ducane was known for, they used the Ducane name to start a line of less expensive grills of lower quality. Manufacturing was outsourced to China.

Those five-year and lifetime warranties instantly became void. The grills made before 2004 were very high caliber. But even well-made grills need replacement parts eventually, and because the grills made before 2004 are no longer it’s difficult to get parts for them.

At the BBQ Depot, we sold the original Ducane grills for decades and still repair them today. Many parts can still be replaced. You can check out our Ducane parts page for the full list of parts, including:

If you’re having trouble finding the right replacement parts for your Ducane grill, don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk to one of our grill specialists.

Weber Grills Parts

Weber is a classic grill company that’s been around for more than half a century. It’s safe to say Weber is a household name that most people are familiar with. They are a well-known, trusted company with a tradition of manufacturing family-friendly grills.

In fact, the inventor of the Weber barbeque, George Stephen, was a father of 12 children (yes, 12 children) who was trying to find a way to cook the perfect steak.

It is said that the Weber barbeque was “born from a buoy.” Originally, grills were open to the air and there was no way to cover them. George’s family manufactured buoys at their metal shop, and he got the idea one day to cut the buoy in half. He could have the grid on the bottom half of the buoy and put the top on to control the airflow of the grill. The barbeque was born, thus allowing him to grill a tender, juicy steak.

Many Weber grills are well-built, and therefore they last a long time. While that’s a good thing, it also means that many of their older, discontinued grills have replacement parts that are difficult to get. Likewise, Weber changes their grills every few years to update them and keep them fresh.

When they update their grills, they no longer manufacturer the older parts, which means that once they’re out of stock, it can be difficult — if not possible — to find replacement parts for them.

As an example, for decades the Genesis and Spirit models had control knobs on the side of the grill and burners installed horizontally. They recently changed the set-up to have knobs on the front of the grill with burners mounting front to back.

Changes have been frequently with Weber over the years, but they still remain one of the best grills in the residential marketplace. We’ve sold and serviced Weber grills for years, and carry replacement parts for their lines of Spirit, Genesis, E Series, Summit, and the new Genesis II. To see our full list of replacement parts, you can head to our Weber parts page. Here’s an idea of the parts we carry for Weber:

We have replacement parts for 122 models of Weber grills. We’re proud to carry the parts for such a well-known grill. We have extensive experience and knowledge with these grills and are more than happy to guide you through the process of finding the right part. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.

Common Grill Replacement Parts

We offer replacement parts for a wide variety of grill brands, not just the ones mentioned above. There are a few grill parts that are the most frequently replaced. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Burners are truly the backbone of a grill. It is essential to have burners in working condition not only for the grill to work but also for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Signs of needing to replace your burners are:

  • The tiny portholes begin merging into larger holes.
  • Large flames emerging from the top or sides of the burner. This could signify a break.
  • Any corrosion or obvious breaks in the material.

Cooking Grids

Cooking grids are an important part of your grill. You’ll know it’s time to replace your cooking grid when:

  • You see rust on the grid. It can add a metal flavor and eventually cause harmful effects to your health.
  • The grid starts to chip. It’s inevitable that an older grid will start to chip at some point, especially porcelain. You do not want chips of porcelain in your food — replace the grid immediately.
  • You can no longer clean the grid. Eventually, there is so much build-up of grease and gunk that you can no longer clean the grid — replace it.


Obviously, without the igniter in working condition, your grill is useless. There are different parts to an igniter. Sometimes the igniter spark generator needs to be replaced, sometimes the electrodes and wires, and sometimes the entire system needs to be changed out. We can help you troubleshoot to find out what you need.

Gas Valves

It might be small, but the gas valve is a key component of the grill. It regulates the amount of gas that reaches the grill pit. Don’t give up if your valve breaks — we can help you find the right one for your grill.

Venturi Tubes

Venturi tubes control the fuel for the grill and are an essential part of controlling the overall temperature of the grill. Depending on the environment around the tubes, they can become clogged quite easily. Clogged tubes pose a safety hazard. We have an extensive selection of venturi tubes for many different brands and models. We carry cast iron, steel, and chrome.

Warming Racks

Warming racks play an important role in the grilling experience. Oftentimes they’re used to grill things that need a gentler temperature further away from the flames, such as vegetables. You’ll know it’s time to replace your warming rack when:

  • The warming rack is falling out of the bracket that holds it.
  • The warming rack is rusting or chipping.

It is also possible that your grill has the ability to hold a warming rack but did not come with one. You then have the option of buying a replacement warming rack for your grill.

We carry a wide selection of warming racks in stainless steel and chrome from manufacturers who use high-quality materials.

Heat Plates

Heat plates are found above the burners and below the cooking grid. Their job is to disperse the heat evenly to cook the food properly. They also protect the burners from greasy drippings, which means over time the grease builds up and can be hard to clean. Eventually, this grease buildup will prevent the burners from working properly.

You’ll need to know the size of your burners in order to purchase the correct size heat plate. We carry heat plates in stainless steel, porcelain, and porcelain-coated stainless steel for a variety of brands and models.

Finding the Right Part for Your Grill

We understand the importance of being able to find the right replacement part for your grill. We empathize with the frustration that might ensue when you discover your warranty is no longer valid. We are happy to help you find the right part. We only stock OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and aftermarket products that will meet or exceed the quality of the original part.

When searching for your replacement part, you should be able to browse by model number, part number, or by brand.

Be sure to carefully examine the potential replacement parts you see in the picture and compare it to your original part. If the dimensions do not match, please contact us to speak with one of our grill specialists. They will help you find the best replacement part for your grill.

If you don’t see your model number, it is possible to find a replacement part with a dimensional search.

We look forward to serving you and helping you get your grill back into working condition.

by Tracy Hollander on 16th May 2020
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