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Your grill control knobs not only turn the grill on and off but they also control the range of temperature. They attach to the gas valve stem. Often these knobs are made of plastic and can melt. Such as, when there are backfires from spider webs in the burner venturi tube.

The type of replacement knob is dependent on the diameter of the valve as well as the "D" value. When your grill is in the off position and you remove the knob, you will notice that the end of the valve stem looks like a Capital D. Where the flat part of the D faces on a clock (3, 6, 9 or 12). Is considered the D valve.

Selecting The Right Knob

This is important because the off position will always face up or at 12 o'clock. You want to be sure to choose a knob with the D value that will match your off position. We are programmed to turn off our grill as well as our indoor stove with the off position up. You do not want to have your off in a different position as this may lead to accidentally leaving your grill on.

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