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Blaze 32" BLZ-4LTE vs Summerset Sizzler PRO 32" SIZPRO-32

                                                                                          GrillBlaze 32" BLZ-4LTESummerset Sizzler SIZPRO-32Number of Burners44Burner StyleCast StainlessCast StainlessCooking Grates8mm Stainless Rod8mm [...]

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Weber Summit S-470 vs Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIB

What should you look for in a gas grill?We all want the best bang for our buck. Weber and Napoleon gas grills both fit the bill.  We will compare the two top of the line grills for both of these brands : Weber Summit S-470 and the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIBOver the years, Weber has done [...]

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Parts of a Gas Grill

Parts of a Gas GrillA gas grill is broken into three sections : The Hood, The Cooking System and The Grease Management System. The Cooking System is composed of the firebox and its interior components - Burner, Cooking Grates, Heat Distribution and Ignition. In the following capsules, we will breakdown the function of each of [...]

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Function of an Orifice in Gas Grills

                     SPUD ORIFICE       VALVE WITH SPUD ORIFICE      HOOD ORIFICE      VALVE USING A HOOD ORIFICEYou bought a gas grill for use with a propane bottle and now you moved to a home where there is natural gas. Think you can just hook [...]

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Time to replace parts on your grill?

If you properly care for your grill, it can last for decades. Imagine your grill like a car – it is an investment that you expect to last for a while. However, for your car to last, you occasionally need to replace parts that have become worn or faulty. You may need new tires, brake pads, or a new [...]

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BBQ Grill Safety

Grills can be one of the most enjoyable parts of summer. Nothing beats firing up your bbq grill on a summer night, especially if there are friends in your company and your favorite cold beverage in hand. But, it is important to practice smart grilling. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye – nearly 7,000 Americans [...]

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Replacing your DCS 27 Built in Grill with an Alfresco Artisan 26 with trim kit

   If you have a DCS 27" Built in Grill and are not sure to whether to repair or replace your bbq, we have both solutions for you. The DCS 27" Built-in Grill was an extremely popular bbq before it was discontinued. The 27" had 2 burners. This grill had two different types of burners in [...]

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Gas Grill Troubleshooting Tips

Gas Grill Troubleshooting TipsThere is nothing more inconvenient than going to fire up the grill while hosting a barbecue, only to realize that your grill is not working. If you’re having problems with your gas grill, try the following troubleshooting tips to get cooking again in no time. Your Grill Has A Low Flame Or Low Temperature Typically, this problem is caused [...]

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​ BBQ Grills and Food Safety – Keeping Your Family Safe

There are some important precautions you must take when cooking on BBQ grills to ensure the safety of those eating your foods.The first food safety precaution for cooking with BBQ grills is to start right from the beginning. When you go to the store to buy meats make sure that you place them in separate [...]

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Top Two Mid Range ($2,000 - $2,500) Made in the USA Built-in Gas Grills

This is a comparison between the top two Made in the USA Affordable Luxury (under $2500) Built-in Gas Grills    Comparison Chart Alfresco Artisan 32" vs Delta Heat 32" Grill                    Model ARTP-32 DHBQ32R Grill Size 32" 32" Configuration Built-in Built-in Number of Main Burners 3 3 Main Grilling Area (sq in) 540 525 Infrared Sear Zone Optional Optional Burner Type Stainless U Burner Stainless U Burner Main Burner BTUs 20,000 15,500 Smoker Burner No No Smoker Box No No Ignition Push [...]

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