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How to install a TEC Infrared Grill Burner

Installing an infrared burner in a TEC (G3000 pictured) is not as simple as just removing the burner. There are quite a few steps and we will outline them in this post. TEC burners, as far as we can remember, have been mounted to the valves. So you cannot simply lift them from the grill. This [...]

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Alfresco LX2 Igniter Troubleshooting and Spark Generator Replacement

Alfresco LX2 (First Generation) Ignition Troubleshooting and Spark Generator Replacement The First Generation LX2 Grills,SN: 10-99999 & Lower, utilized a 9 volt battery operated ignition. In this example, we serviced a ALX2-56BFG All Grill with Sear Zone. The customer had stated that their ignition was not working. The ignition spark generator on this grill uses (2) 210-0194 4 spark generator boxes that [...]

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Gas Grill Burner Air Shutter Adjustment

The right amount of oxygen to gas mixture is essential for attaining that blue flame and perfect heat in a gas grill.  A yellow flame can be the cause of a bad air to gas ratio.Gas grill burners will have some sort of air adjustment at the end of the burner where the burner meets the [...]

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Gas Grill Troubleshooting

Here are some expert troubleshooting tips when your gas grill just will not work right.1. Spiders and Insects :  It's not uncommon to find Spiders and insects your burners. These pesky critters cause the gas to flow from the front of the burner. This is a very dangerous situation as it can cause a fire behind [...]

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Versatility with The Big Green Egg and Turkey Holiday Recipe

Are you an Egg owner or thinking about an Egg this Holiday Season?  The Egg is a gift that will last a lifetime!Versatility is what sets the Big Green Egg apart from every other grill! Most grills or smokers can handle only one cooking technique, while with an EGG, you can Grill, Smoke, Roast and Bake [...]

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The Grilled Meat Temperature Guide: How to Cook the Perfect Meat

The Grilled Meat Temperature GuideThis grilled meat temperature guide is your perfect reference for cooking, grilling, smoking, and preparing red or white meat in the best ways.It's a balmy summer afternoon and the house is buzzing with friends and family. The side dishes are finished, the buns laid out, and people are hungry. Ever felt the [...]

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​Alfresco ALXE Review - Under the Hood

Alfresco manufactures the worlds finest outdoor equipment. Established over 15 years ago, they have been redefining the Luxury outdoor appliance market ever since. They are responsible for designing and engineering other well known brands in the marketplace including, Dynasty, Solaire and Vintage Grills. As well as, the original founder of Lynx Grills.  The introductory series was the [...]

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How to install briquettes in a Ducane Meridian MDBQ Grill

Steps to installing the briquettes in a Ducane Meridian MDBQ Briquette Tray1. Be sure Grill is completely cool2. Turn off your gas3. Remove your cooking grates4. Remove the existing briquettes and trays 5. Install new briquette traysTip : it is best to add the briquettes while in the grill so that they do not [...]

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Grill in under 10 min

Keeping your grill clean is essential not only for extending the life of your grill but, also safety in the food you cook as well as making sure that there is structural integrity in the internal parts themselves. This is a good time to inspect the internal parts of the grill to be sure they are [...]

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Lynx Grill Parts - Under the Hood and Behind the Control Panel

Here we will break down the parts (or anatomy) of your Lynx Grill. Having an understanding of your grill will help you get the most out of your appliance.Lynx Professional Grills have a longstanding reputation as one of the leaders in the luxury outdoor cooking market. The current lineup come in 5 sizes : 27" (2 [...]

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